2023-11-29 21:27

Kobus van Wyk

Light for the community

The new I T facility
  Is for the learners first
When used to full capacity
  Can quench the adults’ thirst
With help of the community
  The project carried through
Now let to them in equity
  Full benefits accrue
The parents and all others bring
  Into the lab at night
Promote this life long learning thing
  Take them to a new height
Teach them a bit of internet
  So that they can explore
And they a small glimpse too can get
  Beyond their own world’s door
If word processing they now learn
  Their C Vs they can type
Employment earn – for which they yearn –
  May even learn some Skype
The course that’s called I C D L
  A Driver’s Licence brings
Its scope is International
  And gives Computer wings
This course – some schools this may present –
  To parents who are keen
For them – a meaningful event –
  Since I T starved they’ve been
Help those swim as true denizens
  In this deep world of e
Yes they can be e-citizens
  Of ignorance set free
Here a confession must be made
  There’s more work to be done
Although a good foundation’s laid
  The battle’s just begun
Around the clock do use the lab
  When this is possible
Each opportunity do grab
  To make use optimal
One does not ever want to find
  A lab that is not used
That this could happen blows the mind
  And leaves one unamused

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