2023-11-29 21:11

Kobus van Wyk

The launch

A launch schools may be keen to do
  To celebrate the fact
That they’re at last connected too
  And ready for the act
The school’s own staff should now decide
  If there’s a launch at all
Their view don’t try to override
  For launches large or small
They may go for a mega splash
  Invite all those they know
This will demand a lot of cash
  Which may not freely flow
But sometimes they’re connected well
  Rich donors with much dough
Who’ll pay for parties that are swell
  Make up when funds are low
Most of the time it’s more discrete
  And does not cost a lot
Schools then make these events upbeat
  They’re proud of what they’ve got
They may invite the M E C
  – If this one they can reach –
It is a thrill if that can be
  To give the op’ning speech
Sometimes state ministers agree
  – Pay tribute to the school –
And honoured guests they’ll surely be
  The kids say it’s way cool
Some V I Ps they may invite
  It makes them so aglow
In the front rows – their keen delight –
  Know how to steal the show
Most of the ones who do attend
  Friends of the school they are
They willingly their hands did lend
  Or helped with a bazaar
Kids may present a dance or song
  This all will entertain
But if the whole thing is too long
  Some adults may complain
The big day’s climax will occur
  When they the ribbon cut
Some plaque unveiling may prefer
  The lab’s no longer shut
It is a moment great indeed
  When doors are opened wide
A satisfied computer need
  Can now be seen inside
Closely observe – at this event –
  How learners are involved
Their necks towards the screens are bent
  Small hands with mice consolved
A true heart warming sight to see
  As children interact
From P C fear they now are free
  Its mystery they’ve cracked

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