2023-11-29 21:04

Kobus van Wyk

LAN administration

A Local Area Network
  For short it’s called a LAN
In it is found more than one quirk
  Which one must try to ban
Few educators have been trained
  To be technical pros
From such experts – much to be gained –
  When they their skills expose
The problem is – up to this date –
  Schools are not authorized
A post for such ones – must create –
  Has not yet been realized
A measure that’s a mere stop gap
  Use teachers for this job
When schools into this resource tap
  The classroom they now rob
The world – not in a perfect state –
  One must prioritize
Instead of just fruitless debate
  Look for a compromise
At least two teachers must be taught
  How they should run the LAN
To them each problem must be brought
  To solve it if they can
Do search among the personnel
  Select those who are keen
These ones must know a P C well
  Its inside they have seen
If none of such ones can be found
  Choose willing eager souls
To study hard and break new ground
  Pursuing thrilling goals
They need to learn computer tips
  For hardware often fails
It may take time to come to grips
  With all that this entails
The software program numbers grow
  This issue is not small
These ones will therefore need to know
  How software to install
At times the printer will not print
  Could be a hardware fault
One can do with an expert hint
  Virus assaults to halt
Perhaps the P C’s not switched on
  Or has an unplugged wire
Who can you then rely upon
  To lift you from the mire
Or maybe when you switch it on
  The monitor may freeze
Or yesterday’s programme is gone
  Who can your angst now ease
A service that’s continuous
  One only can achieve
By backups – highly virtuous –
  By this lost files retrieve
But if you lose a data file
  How do you get it back
To use backups may take a while
  The know how you may lack
Administrator of the LAN
  Must be first port of call
Advice he issues – yes he can –
  No problem is too small
Of course the he may be a she
  – Poetic licence use –
Gender correct must try to be
  Non equity refuse
It may be that a virus hits
  With vicious mean attack
To scramble all the bytes and bits
  In one foul total smack
If there is no one who can fix
  A nasty bug or worm
Schools will be victims of these tricks
  That make one twist and squirm
The LAN guys have a massive task
  Keep P Cs on the go
It’s therefore not too much to ask
  To keep them in the know
If they’re well trained to trouble shoot
  And do first line support
They soon will find the problem’s root
  And vendor calls abort
When maintenance is to be done
  By vendors external
School budgets soon reduce to none
  Costs disproportional
The more you thus in staff invest
  The greater the return
It also puts your mind at rest
  So resources won’t burn

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