2023-11-29 21:19

Kobus van Wyk

The first shimmers of light

The meaning of facilitate
  Is simply to assist
So those who are in needy state
  On such aid can subsist
Facilitators are first trained
  – Ex teachers they must be –
Sound subject knowledge they have gained
  Their insight is the key
In the school system – must have been –
  At least a year or nine
The horrors of the playground seen
  Know how teachers incline
Good P C knowledge they’ve acquired
  Some solid I T skills
They must have eagerly desired
  To solve the teaching ills
For them Khanya seeks high and low
  They bear the project’s brunt
Through adverts there’s a steady flow
  At times a smart head hunt
They’ll visit schools – sufficiently –
  To train the teaching staff
Use I T most efficiently
  In measures never half
In this respect others have flopped
  For teachers no support
This help role they did not adopt
  Their projects did abort
The use of these ones who assist
  Khanya will not refuse
In fact – will more of them enlist –
  Will never change its views
When hardware is installed in schools
  There is no time to waste
The window left to use these tools
  Is shrinking with great haste
The moment hardware does arrive
  A guarantee kicks in
Use this time well – for this must strive –
  To lose it – what a sin
It is a most important thing
  There’s not a day to lose
The learners one must quickly bring
  The lab – they all must use
A project plan is put in place
  It’s an essential phase
Built on a solidly laid base
  The bar one now must raise
This is indeed the second plan
  The first has run its course
The new plan shows schools how they can
  Use each I T resource 

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