2023-11-29 20:08

Kobus van Wyk

The e-plan

This one’s the e-plan – just be clear –
  It is a different map
From implementing you now veer
  To fill the learning gap
The plan describes five different e’s
  To which schools must aspire
These are new fields where expertise
  All teachers must acquire
The use of e – ubiquitous –
  One finds it ev’rywhere
Misusing it – ridiculous –
  Quote it with utmost care
By now all know the letter e
  About this – a great buzz –
Of drudgery it sets one free
  It changes all one does
Consider first the e-teacher
  Which helps all teachers be
In classroom teaching far richer
  Let them new vistas see
They strive to be e-competent
  Much from this to be gained
But for this to be evident
  They must be P C trained
E leads to productivity
  And opens many doors
It speeds up each activity
  Makes light of many chores
By hand no longer do they write
  Test papers are now typed
Can change these until they are right
  Mistakes like magic wiped
These papers can be stored for years
  Re-used again next time
They may be traded with their peers
  To share is not a crime
First goal that teachers must strive for
  Use e to ease their work
This helps them now to do far more
  A most productive perk
Computers must the learners teach
  This is the ult’mate goal
For this each good teacher must reach
  And strive to this e-role
This calls for change of their mindset
  A paradigm must shift
The kids great benefit will get
  Teachers – a morale lift
The e-learner is the next one
  With focus on the child
Round teachers’ minds theirs soon will run
  In circles free and wild
Encourage learners to explore
  The world wide web to surf
To unknown heights their minds will soar
  While they stay on home turf
To each give an e-mail address
  Enter the world domain
But once they have all this access
  Must from abuse refrain 
Provide them with all resources
  That are available
Support all the subject courses
   Show what’s attainable
When kids leave school eventu’lly
  For e they’re qualified
Will find employment gainfully
  The e-goal satisfied
The digital gap is thus closed
  They for themselves can fend
To all e forms they are exposed
  Before their school years end
The third e is e-management
  This must be highlighted
School leaders must be competent
  And be e-farsighted
Some principals are left behind
  When they e-sessions skip
Their own e-way they can not find
  No e-fruits can they reap
They must make sure they are au fait
  With all the I T tools
Then see to it they’re used each day
  Until they have e-schools
On P C use they must insist
  No manual report
Some teachers may of course resist
  Heads must deal with this sort
The Board of Governors – they too –
  Must be exposed to e
Each one of the entire crew
  I T aware must be
E-admin is another one
  To this schools must attend
A process done by hand – no fun –
  To e one now must bend
Data in cabinets obscured
  May be quite hard to find
An admin package that’s procured
  Can put these woes behind
No hand accounts should be produced
  Gone is the admin fret
The error level is reduced
  Without a drop of sweat
To keep class lists is quite a bore
  If this by hand is done
Maintaining registers a chore
  A load that weighs a ton
An e-package will serve one well
  Since greater speed is gained
The nature of reports will tell
  That lists are e-maintained
The final e –  e-document –
  It helps to save a tree
It too makes one more competent
  From paper hassles free
Heads must a policy proclaim
  No more paper memos
To use email is now the aim
  The e-less gap must close
Old style file piles steal lots of space
  Which now can be reduced
Scanned images can take their place
  While file space is reused
It’s not at all an easy quest
  The five e’s to perfect
But if schools try their very best
  It will have good effect
A plan that spans a year or two
  Is drafted for these e’s
Less than this simply would not do
  There can not be a squeeze
The school staff now has to be trained
  To use what was installed
For greater value to be gained
  No one may be stone walled

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