2023-11-29 20:19

Kobus van Wyk

Light at the end of the tunnel

The part that follows – don’t berate –
  Much detail does it hold
How plans into actions translate
  Before your eyes unfold
It may appear superfluous
  Detailing points minute
But one can’t be too scrupulous
  Their impact – don’t dilute
Activities are quite frantic
  As contractors are sought
Not all at once – it’s too drastic –
  If to the scene they’re brought
Bring in the experts – one by one –
  Each of them plays a role
And so each task will soon be done
  The parts that make the whole
Plan carefully the task sequence
  The work plan let all know
Consider well the consequence
  Of a disruptive flow
With skill plot step by step the course
  Which best results would yield
Much of the work one could outsource
  To trained ones in the field
Local economy support
  At all times this must try
Large companies – a last resort –
  Employ the local guy
For every task ask three or four
  In a specific field
To come and carefully explore
  And then their quotes to yield
Select the offers from the floor
  Those with the lowest quotes
But look at what they’ve done before
  Ere casting final votes
Make sure they are reputable
  Track records must be good
With service that’s reliable
  The test of time withstood
The first step of this complex road
  Promotes the project flow
Remove the mountain – a great load –
  All rubble – it must go
Move out the tables desks and chairs
  And take the black board down
Accumulations without heirs
  In which one may well drown
If there’s a need a wall to break
  Then do so at the start
Take out the rubbish in its wake
  Remove it in a cart
Be careful if you have to bash
  A wall to join two rooms
Without support the roof may crash
  These rooms doomed to be tombs
An engineer one must consult
  A person who is skilled
Who’ll bring about a safe result
  There’s no need to be killed
Seek out the expert one’s advice
  Display due diligence
On points like these do be precise
  Maintain close vigilance
Some walls support the whole structure
  A strengthening effect
Removing them may cause rupture
  Treat these walls with respect
If such a wall is taken down
  Install a concrete beam
This complex task may raise a frown
  A challenge for the team
Make sure the contractors you hired
  Are duly qualified
That in the past they’ve not been fired
  Are tested and are tried
For any major building task
  A permit must be bought
Help from the architects must ask
  Their input must be sought
In cases where one has to build
  A venue from the ground
Deep down foundations must be drilled
  To give support that’s sound
For this task schools may get a crew
  Of volunteers involved
Some dads and uncles – they will do –
  Their help will get this solved
When it comes down to real building
  The brickwork and the roof
Non experts can’t be tinkering
  You need the expert’s proof
Get done all of the messy work
  The ceiling and the floor
Solve all the hitches there may lurk
  For snags there are galore
Much time this process does consume
  P Ms must be admired
Their expertise one must assume
  Great patience is required
At last – when done the building work –
  The waters calm once more
When one can peer through all the murk
  Then starts the painting chore
Room painting is no complex task
  It takes an able man
A woman – who to help may ask –
  A brush and a paint can
All of these able willing souls
  Can pitch in – work for free –
It helps to fill financial holes
  To quite a large degree
When there’s no more to renovate
  Then starts the next event
The room – get in a safety state –
  To the utmost extent
It is important to secure
  The room quite early on
Before one starts things to procure
  Or else all will be gone
According to the project plan
  Contractors one must find
To cover the entire span
  The room secure to bind
The items listed don’t neglect
  Be strict – conform to spec –
It is essential to protect
  Lest burglars it should wreck
The safety bars must not be thin
  They must be thick and strong
The burglars – may they never win –
  Their tries must all go wrong
The stone guards on the outside wall
  Firm be they and robust 
No stone or rock may through them fall
  They are an abs’lute must
A flimsy gate is not enough
  To keep intruders out
One’s needed that is strong and tough
  The thieving one to flout
Attempt to find a safety door
  One made of heavy steel
Impossible through it to bore
  No one the goods can steal
Fort Knox – a place that’s quite secure –
  The lessons to be learned
Of entry points make doubly sure
  Full safety will be earned
The same rule you can here apply
  Pants with a belt you hold
To feel secure and keep them high
  Are braces to you sold
A double safety door is not
  An over kill at all
It will keep out the wicked lot
  The thieves both great and small
So brace it up and bolt it down
  Of thieves who’re bold beware
Protect the lab like a fine crown
  Be brave and take good care
One hopes that when the room’s secured
  And doors are firmly locked
All things that are to be procured
  Will be securely stocked
Whilst planning it is ascertained
  What the requirements are
For power lines that must be gained
  To bring it up to par
The plug point number is well known
  As well as distances
On layout diagrams are shown
  All of these instances
When dealing with a contractor
  About the power line
Do make request for one thing more
  A good network design
A trunk for electricity
  In most cases could be
A tube for connectivity
  Great savings one will see
Quotes from contractors now obtain
  Those fully qualified
The service of the best retain
  With whom you’re satisfied
When at the end this job is done
  Check out that each part works
It certainly will be no fun
  If there are left some quirks
Obtain a clear certificate
  Required by the law
It will the P M vindicate
  If done without a flaw
Check each plug point if it is right
  Does it switch on and off
Do an inspection of the site
  At this task – do not scoff
When covers are laid on the floor
  The timing must be right
Just one task at a time – no more –
  Lest the contractors fight
Must carpets come after work tops
  Or must the tops be last
What sequence will disrupt the ops
  Or move the work forth fast
This issue must be looked at by
  The project manager
Who tries to make the project fly
  Serves as an arbiter
For work tops now take out the spec
  Find woodwork contract firms
Or private persons who won’t wreck
  Deliver on your terms
A donor may the wood supply
  Which cuts down on the price
To save some money – that is why –
  One sponsors would entice
Or maybe woodwork teachers could
  Provide a handmade brand
If only you provide the wood
  They’ll gladly lend a hand
The project manager of course
  Must keep a watchful eye
Regardless of the labour source
  Performance must stay high
It may be that the wood’s too thin
  Great weights it can not hold
If it collapses – what a sin –
  What stories will be told
Keep work tops firm against the wall
  Use long and strong steel bolts
Collapses and mishaps forestall
  Protect against all jolts
That surfaces are smooth – ensure –
  And corners too are safe
Poor workmanship do not endure
  The learners may not chafe
The distance from work space to floor
  –  This must not be too low –
If height’s not right then do implore
  Please let the table grow
Technology may come and go
  But all the structures stay
Cost of maintaining – if kept low –
  Will in the long run pay
So build it good and build it strong
  Ensure its quality
In that case it will stay for long
  And serve posterity
At this time also get some quotes
  For chairs one needs to buy
To choose the best – get teachers’ votes –
  First let them test and try
If you agreed on chairs up front
  The ones to be acquired
Don’t compromise on what you want
  Get just what is required
The fire fighting kit procure
  – One must protect the room –
P Cs teachers and kids secure
  A safeguard against doom
The project manager must see
  That all rules are obeyed
A route for access there must be
  Escape can’t be delayed
Arrangement for the aircon must
  By now be near complete
Stick to suppliers one can trust
  And from the rest retreat
Install and test and cool the room
  The comfort you will feel
The power that aircons consume
  Is not too big a deal
To get the light glare rectified
  – The way that one must go –
The project plan identified
  How to get rid of glow
If curtains you choose have them made
  By those who volunteer
Match colour to the carpets laid
  This is the mothers’ sphere
Perhaps the parents even had
  A fund raising event
For their help be so very glad
  They saved a pretty cent
If blinds were chosen you must get
  The quotes for these as well
When cost is high then do not fret
  The blinds will look so swell
The smart look that these blinds provide
  This you must not erode
In matching floors and blinds take pride
  Take care to colour code
The budget route poor schools may choose
  Glass panes are painted white
The object is the glare to lose
  Let through – enough soft light
A white board one may also fit
  At this stage of the plan
The black board’s use now firmly quit
  Do place on it a ban
Plan its position with great care
  Don’t put it near the sky
It will the teachers’ effort spare
  If it is not too high
As every infrastructure task
  Is panting to its end
It may well be the time to ask
  What else is there to mend
Once you install technology
  There is no time to waste
A Q A methodology
  Must firmly be in place
Check all the items on the list
  And see if they’ve been done
And if it’s found one has been missed
  Reduce it soon to none
Go through it with a fine tooth comb
  The search must be quite rich
This should not be a casual roam
  Catch each and every glitch
All hardware orders one must place
  Before there is a need
Delivery delays you’ll face
  If this rule you don’t heed
A statement of needs must be there
  Prepare a shopping list
Schools must their needs up front declare
  All negligence resist
The items from the list you get
  Right from the project plan
This means there is no need to fret
  Just do a P P scan
If there’s a state tender in place
  By all means then use this
Else breach of law perhaps you’ll face
  Take care – don’t be remiss
When formal tenders are not there
  Quotations then collect
These documents with care compare
  From them the best select
First look at those of lowest cost
  This makes financial sense
But see that quality’s not lost
  When saving a few pence
Work quality – this must be high –
  Get value for each rand
Select vendors who can supply
  They must have stocks on hand
Their post sales service must be good
  Or else you may be stuck
Work ethics of a few are crude
  They love to pass the buck
When hardware vendors you select
  Make sure they’re best of breed
Choose ones for whom you have respect
  Whose claims will not mislead
The hardware items you must check
  Each one as they arrive
One item missing – sure to wreck –
  The installation drive
The absence of one single chip
  May have a bad result
The domino effect may tip
  The blocks into tumult
The I T staff may be one’s own
  Or you can buy skills in
Some partners even may staff loan
  If none are found within
The installation is quite quick
  Of the topology
In fact it can be very slick
  With known technology
If one goes off the beaten track
  In search of something new
Be wary of the ones who hack
  The project may go skew
A complex option is not best
  Most often it is worse
It is more difficult to test
  And heavy on the purse
It’s in your interest to try
  – And get all to agree –
Technology to simplify
  Make this your urgent plea
Once all the items are in place
  Then test them bit by bit
Make sure that every interface
  Into the whole does fit
When done you must be satisfied
  That all is working well
The screens and keyboards have been tried
  No bug left to expel
The network now must be installed
  A high tech exercise
For this the experts will be called
  Those who are I T wise
It is a good time at this stage
  To let the web arrive
Create also an e-mail page
  You are now e-alive
At times when P Cs are installed
  Chaos is left behind
A cable jungle – one’s appalled –
  Of the most messy kind
These wires – take some time to clean –
  Their source can just be guessed
Connect mouse C P U and screen
  Akin to a crow’s nest
They are not difficult to tie
  Keep them out of the way
Neat tubes and pipes – these one could try –
  The cables trim must stay
The fewer wires learners see
  The less there are to yank
Though this is not a guarantee
  That they won’t try a prank
Keep learners on a narrow track
  Temptation do not court
Their curiosity cut back
  The urge to fiddle – thwart
Next comes the time to load software
  That one will need to teach
It will be used while you prepare
  The learners’ minds to reach
Procure the software on the list
  That will your needs fulfill
To get more products – do resist –
  They may not fit the bill
The vendors now must be involved
  To share their expertise
If their reluctance can’t be solved
  Then do put on the squeeze
Wise ones from quick sales shy away
  And give enough support
They know the help they give today
  Won’t cut their profits short
Most vendors are quite willing though
  To help you where they can
And let the teachers’ knowledge grow
  Resistance thereby ban
Now please don’t get this point all wrong
  Not all teachers resist
Most of them have a will that’s strong
  To learn they will persist
There is much catching up to do
  And expertise to spread
No time to lose – lots to pursue –
    I T moves fast ahead
All software likewise one must test
  Get rid of ev’ry hitch
Make sure there’s no remaining pest
  Or a residual glitch
When all the tests are brought to end
  And all the trials are done
No item left that one must mend
  The lab is set to run
Handover of the lab takes place
  The first goal has been met
Work done has laid a perfect base
  For more – the scene is set
Before discussing the next phase
  A tribute must be paid
P Ms – to them the greatest praise –
  For their project crusade
The P Ms play a crucial role
  In Khanya’s processes
They take care that the project’s whole
  That there are no messes
Without the P Ms’ carefulness
  In labs chaos would reign
They take away all nervousness
  Good order they maintain
They are ones well experienced
  In project management
Of this be thoroughly convinced
  No counter argument
When finally their task does end
  Those who co-ordinate
Will others in P Ms’ place send
  Who will facilitate

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