2023-11-29 21:14

Kobus van Wyk


Another task one must complete
Some costs forever do repeat
  This is reality
Explore discuss and analyze
  Each cost schools may incur
So these won’t come as a surprise
  When they in time recur
Resource hungry – the internet –
  Increases the phone bill
For this one must a budget set
  Else it may over spill
Broadband for schools – an urgent need –
  Connected all day long
Provides required access speed
  But is not for a song
Not yet is there a zero rate
  The Act – it’s criminal –
Use of the web in a sad state
  Nearly dysfunctional
The use of electricity
  An increase will be seen
There will be much publicity
  By people who are green
Alternatives must be explored
  A source reliable
The sun and wind one can afford
  Far more dependable
With solar panels on a roof
  Sun light is caught by day
For this already there is proof
  At schools that go this way
Regardless of the method used
  A cost – always attached –
Non payment one can not excuse
  Must be with budgets matched
Do not forget insurance due
  It surely will reflect
That schools indeed have right their view
  Their assets they protect
A paperless society
  – Each one must save a tree –
Proclaimed with zeal and piety
  At present hard to see
By reams is paper now consumed
  The learners do need prints
Assignments – this can be assumed –
  In multi colour tints
Ink cartridges the printers use
  In time they do run dry
Replacing them one can’t refuse
  A school new ones must buy
Another source of great expense
  Is software licence fees
These may in cases be immense
  Put poor schools in a squeeze
The project plan must thus contain
  A list of all the dues
Those that occur time and again
  And that one can’t refuse
Once has been ascertained the need
  Of costs that will repeat
Make sure it is accompanied
  By payment plans complete
How will schools manage every bill
  – Donations or school fees –
Perhaps a kind supporter will
  Help them the burden ease
It is important to ensure
  There’s continuity
For hiccups one must find a cure
  Else face futility
This must go in the plan as well
  To make it clear to all
How funding fears schools can dispel
  Avoid a cash shortfall
A work schedule is next in line
  It links each sep’rate chore
The who and when it does define
  A way to keep the score
A tool for this is a Gantt chart
  It helps order maintain
Get planning down to a fine art
  A time frame tight retain
The project plan at last is done
  Much time on it is spent
Through Q A it must still be run
  To verify content
Cross all the t’s and dot the i’s
  Of each and all the parts
Make sure each line in it complies
  Before the project starts
All stakeholders must sign the plan
  Once all of them concur
P Ms must through the project’s span
  With each of them confer
When all is ready to commence
  This most ambitious task
One needs a dose of common sense
  And when in doubt – must ask

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