2023-11-29 20:39

Kobus van Wyk

Educational software

The superstructure software tells
  Which officeware you get
With diff’rent whistles and with bells
  An add-on product set
When O S issues are resolved
  Move swiftly to the next
More than just office tools involved
  Those used to process text
Good software of a special kind
  Is now available
With great skill it has been designed
  For learning suitable
These software products now select
  Opt for the ones robust
New life in teaching will inject
  This must be the next thrust
Based on the focus area
  The software one must choose
Led clearly by criteria
  Non starters must refuse
Do look at functionality
   The purpose bear in mind
Must match teaching reality
  Be to the best inclined
When tools have all the fancy bits
  One’s easily misled
Bedazzled by those snazzy bits
  Some poor schools have been bled
There are so many software tools
  Some think they fit the bill
But shelfware they become in schools
  These ones – unsuitable
Beware of vendors who insist
  Their wares are just the best
A pushy salesman do resist
  When he gives you no rest
Be careful with your software choice
  Not all will serve you well
Aggressive vendors with strong voice
  You must with force repel
The problem is to know what’s right
  Which is the one to choose
No victims be of vendors’ fight
  Where one may money lose
The choice on merit must be made
  Not based on what looks good
And never ever be afraid
  To chase vendors who’re rude
New software tools abound like weeds
  These make the vendors thrive
Be mindful of the school’s true needs
  Which must selection drive
A crucial role should vendors play
  They must illuminate
Show how their products pave the way
  Spend time to illustrate
Tell vendors they must demonstrate
  The best of breed they sell
Then leave you to investigate
  And choose those that excel
While on its features concentrate
  – The focus on your school –
Look well think deep and contemplate
  Is this a useful tool
Remember that the teachers are
  In a beginner state
Not I T literate by far
  The learning curve is great
Khanya by no means does imply
  That teachers stupid are
But hist’ry shows one can’t rely
  On vendors’ bid – by far
If it’s the first time round the block
  With this computer stuff
Then one must carefully take stock
  Eliminate the fluff
Will teachers with ease come to grips
  With what you look at now
Or would they need extensive tips
  Have they the right know how
Far better is a single tool
  That one with ease can use
Always apply this special rule
  When software you must choose
The level best at which to pitch
  Is rather low than high
Use software that is content rich
  Choose one that soon will fly
The products that are content free
  From these teachers may turn
Although their value one may see
  They’re difficult to learn
Ask neutral experts for advice
  Let them highlight pitfalls
Look twice and if need be look thrice
  Yes make repeated calls
To nearby schools some visits pay
  Learn from mistakes they’ve made
Absorb and chew on what they say
  Ask much – don’t be afraid
Schools that have trodden this same road
  Of their advice take note
Their guidance will make light your load
  All are in the same boat
Be tempted not to buy a lot
  A sample small will do
Too much software some schools have got
  Buy one or maybe two
At first Khanya made a mistake
  Too much software they gave
Of course schools eagerly did take
  And did like squirrels save
Too many tools tend to obscure
  Productive this is not
So make a point – less to procure –
  Make do with what you’ve got
Based on the rule that less is more
  Start with a single one
The learning curve will not be sore
  It even may be fun
One hopes that teachers all will grow
  That in the course of time
As they watch peers who tell and show
  These mentors they will mime
The net mature teachers will surf
  Leave canned software behind
They’ll roam this massive global turf
  Their own content will find
Consider too the software cost
  Since that may be quite high
Great sums of money could be lost
  On an impulsive buy
Take note of the recurring fees
  Which companies may raise
To keep up payments – a tight squeeze –
  Be careful of this craze
The final item in the plan
  – Software that schools select –
Completes all of the project’s span
  The needs of schools reflect
Of course when all’s been specified
  All parties know the way
One thing must still be clarified
  And that is who will pay

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