2023-11-29 20:46

Kobus van Wyk

Technology options

Technology is very wide
  It’s varied and diverse
One must think deep and then decide
  How in it to immerse
One’s tempted by the leading edge
  To be the first to try
Be wary of the bleeding edge
  Don’t be too quick to buy
Technology – state of the art –
  Attractive it may be
It does appear so very smart
  Its glamour only see
Take care – don’t be the first in line –
  To be the guinea pig
It may not be so very fine
  The risks you take are big
Adopt a model well proven
  On which you can depend
Take time – make sure it’s well chosen –
  One that you can defend
The type of the technology
  That helps one to succeed
As well as the topology
  Must match the learning need
What type of P C will be used
  At what capacity
How many screens must be produced
  To match necessity
What printing needs are to be met
  In colour or in black
Maybe one must a scanner get
  To keep the class on track
A cam’ra that is digital
  At times will useful be
Snap shots – in fact – are pivotal
  A crucial learning key
A data projector one needs
  Throw pictures on a screen
A steady flow of teaching feeds
  From chalk teachers to wean
However it’s debatable
  If this is a good thing
And whether it’s advisable
  It in the lab to bring
When these devices are employed
  All at the wall will stare
P Cs are rendered null and void
  Attention now elsewhere
D Ps do fill a useful role
  If they are used in class
There they have a specific goal
  But give the lab a pass
The network needs to be designed
  It could be peer to peer
Components must be well aligned
  From standards do not veer
The network cables and the joints
  In ducts around the wall
Connect P Cs at chosen points
  Where one would them install
The server – is it thin or fat –
  Which client should one buy
Should C P U boxes lie flat
  Which switch must one supply
Work stations for the teachers’ use
  Should feature in the plan
From them pick up learner abuse
  These tools they use to scan
A P C with a C D drive
  Invites learners to pry
One must them of this vice deprive
  They may not even try
The P Cs must be specified
  Components all just right
A spec that’s tested and that’s tried
  Will then be watertight
Describe each hardware element
  Once all aspects are checked
This leads the plan to betterment
  Due diligence reflect
While hardware makes it possible
  To change the way kids learn
Software that makes it feasible
  Must be the prime concern
The question – what product to use –
  Which option should one take
Upon this topic some enthuse
  A crucial choice to make
An option offered – opensource–
  It’s free of charge to you
But there are other costs of course
  It’s too good to be true
The other choice is Microsoft
  Will it make Bill Gates rich
This argument one hears too oft’
  The question now is which
It’s also claimed that some are crooks
  Use free tools as a bait
With care they’re hiding all the hooks
  Locked in will be your fate
There’s no such thing as a free lunch
  A very true cliché
When it comes right down to the crunch
  A price you’ll have to pay
No strings attached there are – they claim –
  They say you’re free to go
To get you hooked – that is their aim –
  You can’t break without woe
There is a lot of politics
  And egotism too
Some even try their dirty tricks
  To hide that which is true
Some argue with religious zeal
  Proclaim loudly their cause
To prejudice they do appeal
  Ignoring all the flaws
Some of the schools just do not know
  What is the best to use
Decision making may be slow
  And time one can not lose
Don’t let emotions sway your view
  Opt for long term return
Your reasoning must not be skew
  Don’t let your fingers burn
Decisions must be diligent
  After a proper scan
Then put in a clear document
  The details of the plan
The operating system’s not
  Something one can ignore
It occupies a special spot
  But there’s a need for more

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