2023-11-29 21:34

Kobus van Wyk

Focal point of light

While the computer room is planned
  Start thinking of its use
Needs of the learners must be scanned
  The right objectives choose
The focus is to educate
  The learners in the class
The purpose to facilitate
  A higher rate of pass
Another goal is to retain
  The kids till their twelfth year
I T must back up a campaign
  Stop them to disappear
Coordinators must discuss
  With principals and staff
Which subject will be a great plus
  On all learners’ behalf
The weak spots of the school select
  By learning needs inspired
A matching subject then elect
  The special one required
Sometimes it is Geography
  Or maybe History
But it could be Accountancy
  Perhaps Biology
Some learners are of Science shy
  And may of it steer clear
Put forth the best effort and try
  To rid them of this fear
Some language skills the learners need
  They must communicate
If they can speak and write and read
  Their prospects will be great
Maths is the one that tops the list
  Most teachers have resigned
So few of them the urge resist
  A better life to find
This subject is most critical
  More passes are desired
For most careers – not optional –
  Much help is here required
Help learners all the tools to learn
  Equip them with more skills
If they succeed the tide will turn
  Get rid of teaching ills
In prim’ry schools one often looks
  At better lit’racy
To cultivate a love for books
  And fight illit’racy
Or since the little ones can’t count
  Attend to num’racy
Divide or add any amount
  Enhance efficiency
And so choose only what is best
   Firm up the weakest link
Computers used with a full zest
  Will change things in a wink
The principle to follow through
  – This is a truth sublime –
Don’t bite off more than you can chew
  Take one step at a time
First master just one learning field
  Until you’re sure you’ve won
When this approach its fruit does yield
  Expand then further on
Into the plan put this approach
  – Thus make it clear to all –
Preventing others to encroach
  And throw you a curve ball
This focus one must first select
  The next is to decide
How this the hardware will affect
  That one must now provide

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