2023-11-29 20:26

Kobus van Wyk


Remember too the temp’rature
  An aircon will control
It is part of the furniture
  Set this too as a goal
It is not a mere luxury
  It’s worth considering
It may cause P C injury
  If you’re not bothering
The aircon is an abs’lute must
  Without it one can’t be
The greatest enemy is dust
  The foe of all I T
Through open windows dust specks blow
  And settle everywhere
Keep them all closed – restrict the flow –
  Dust permeates the air
All windows closed will contribute
  To make the breathing thin
Fresh air which aircons distribute
  Brings ample oxygen
All doors must likewise be kept closed
  To keep the room dust free
That’s why it always is proposed
  An aircon there must be
The heat must also be controlled
  To get optimal use
In cool air P Cs thrive – it’s told –
  Breakdowns it does reduce
If thirty P Cs in a suite
  Are switched on in a room
They generate a lot of heat
  This one may well assume
To these add those of little size
  Oozing their heat and sweat
All sixty of those busy guys
  Enough to make one fret
Still think it is a luxury
  An aircon to install
If you say yes its perjury
  It’s not absurd at all
The worth of aircons you’ll detect
  Is not the comfort zone
But is the way they do protect
  Equipment that schools own
To govern what size you must choose
  Measure in B T U
The British Thermal Unit use
  It tells you what to do
Ensure aircon capacity
  Is ample for room size
And that the electricity
  Will not then cause surprise
This too put in the project plan
  Its specs you must define
Be realistic as you can
  With schools’ true needs align
It is important that you see
  That infrastructure’s huge
The magnitude of which could be
  A massive cash deluge
One can’t just sit around and hope
  That this task will advance
Don’t underestimate its scope
  Or leave it to mere chance
Don’t be blasé but be aware
  This is a massive chore
The infrastructure to prepare
  To form a solid core

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