2023-11-29 21:47

Kobus van Wyk


Long time ago the boards were black
  And then the green ones came
None of these boards are wanted back
  White ones are now the game
The problems with the chalk boards are
  They cause a lot of dust
It’s dust that could computers mar
  And make the lab go bust
In this rich techno century
  All teachers must still write
White boards are no mere luxury
  Can supplement the byte
The board into the plan too goes
  If one must be acquired
And so the list of items grows
  That’s for the lab required
Computers are quite intricate
  A knock to them – don’t dare –
And since they are so delicate
  Do handle them with care
They must rest on a solid base
  Should be to bumps immune
If knocked – in an unstable place –
  Their pieces will be strewn
One can’t use tables rickety
  They’re just not firm enough
The learners are too fidgety
  And sometimes very rough
Build robust table surfaces
  And bolt them to the wall
Secure them with firm cornices
   Bulwark against a brawl
They must be wide enough to keep
  Both keyboard and a screen
For learner’s comfort – must be deep –
  The surface smooth and clean
There is a standard work top spec
  That can be used as base
But it would cause a total wreck
  If not matched case by case
A standard spec’s true value is
  To give a running start
But must be changed until one sees
  It does fit really smart
A project plan must clearly state
  Length depth as well as height
The specs must all details relate
  To implement it right
Another point regarding care
  – On what are they to sit –
One needs to specify the chair
  That would be just the fit
An issue you must comprehend
  There are such large class groups
If these cohorts to labs are sent
  They will arrive in troupes
The luxury of one to one
  One learner – one P C
Is only ever seldom done
  To this superb degree
Some learners must computers share
  It could be two or three
They can not all sit on one chair
  Or on each other’s knee
Do not go just for fancy chairs
  Look carefully at price
When learners have to work in pairs
  Choose those that will suffice
Search for a chair that’s small enough
  The learners must sit near
To look at screens for long is tough
  Each word to them be clear
The best with chairs that one can do
  Is buying small bar stools
At a good price they come to you
  They’re just right for the schools
Stools are completely stackable
  When they are not in use
With ease these ones are movable
  Floor damage will reduce
Though roller feet may seem quite smart
  Kids use them as a car
Before they with the lesson start
  They do the carpet mar
Whatever chairs that one may take
  They must be feasible
And cost effective – may not break –
  For labs’ use workable
This topic experts have researched
   Spent time on their attack
How should the skeleton be perched
  Protect the learner’s back
A current way of thinking is
  The problem’s not the chair
But frequently get up and ease
  For muscles this way care
This issue may seem rather thin
  To make a song and dance
But disregard may result in
  A warped and crooked stance
The chairs must even be prescribed
  When you prepare a plan
With great care they must be described
  As detailed as you can
Design a system to detect
  The faintest trace of smoke
Against all fire risks protect
  A flame killer invoke
Plan for inferno vanquishers
  – This may the budget strain –
The use of these extinguishers
  Will help the risks contain
A fire expert do consult
  – That one’s advice do grab –
It guarantees an end result
  That will protect the lab
Take such advice when you’re in doubt
  Water won’t always do
Some chemicals put fires out
  But kill the P C too
As part of planning room layout
  Take note of fire rules
These regulations do not flout
  They make for safer schools

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