2023-11-29 21:02

Kobus van Wyk

Planning to let the light shine

Next is discussed a vital point
  That helps you not to fail
While planning to build a great joint
  Consider each detail
The P M’s task is first to write
  A formal document
A project plan thus sees the light
  First step to implement
A standard template does exist
  To ease the tough process
But using it as is – resist –
  It will negate success
A template’s good – to standardize –
  It helps with common tasks
But must be matched to each school’s size
  For changes it then asks
The plan must point by point address
  What needs to be prepared
No item may be left a mess
  No effort must be spared
There is no way one could have known
  It could not be conceived
How schools’ I T needs would have grown
  No one would have believed
For I T schools were not designed
  – Class teaching and no more –
Computers no one had in mind
  They were not catered for
The need for space one can’t ignore
  Schools can get benefit
If one all options does explore
  And find a retrofit
If there’s a room – remodel how –
  A call to innovate
What changes are required now
  What must one renovate
When no room is available
  Create the needed space
Choose options that are feasible
  To give the lab a place
For schools this is a monster chore
  With many tentacles
An open mind – this is called for –
  To void these obstacles
Each feature to be modified
  Is carefully outlined
Items that must be rectified
  Are likewise well defined
For every item that must change
  The cost do calculate
So that throughout the project’s range
  There is an estimate

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