2023-11-29 20:04

Kobus van Wyk

Principals need all the help they can get to manage technology resources in their schools.  For many of them technology is a new reality – and it is here to stay!

This page is a catalogue pointing to various blog postings – each one containing tips for principals.  Select a topic, click on it, and enjoy the tip.

Keep your projects small.

Does a software package add volume or value?

The problem of creating a sustainable e-learning environment.

The different faces of sustainability.

The responsibility of the State towards sustainability of e-learning.

School management’s role in achieving financial sustainability.

School management’s role in achieving technical sustainability.

School management’s role in achieving operational sustainability.

9  Fund-raising and e-learning sustainability.

10 Internet cafés and e-learning sustainability

11 Should schools rent out their e-learning facilities to commercial firms?

12 When the principal takes the lead …

13 Where should the IEWB be installed?

14 What is the role of the principal when introducing interactive whiteboards into the school?

15 A fish rots from the head.

16 How can I help my colleagues to see the value of interactive whiteboards?

17 Should schools test teachers for technology proficiency before hiring them?

18 Every principle needs a blog.

19 Under what circumstances will technology not lead to success?

20 The greatest challenge of technology in education – how can principals overcome it?

21 What is cyber-bullying?

22 What is the principal’s responsibility with regards to cyber-bullying and sexting?

23 Does the cascade model work for technology training of teachers?

24 What is the principal’s role when using CBT to build teachers’ technical skills?

25 Guidelines for selecting a venue for a computer room.