2023-11-29 20:33

Kobus van Wyk

An excellent tool for educators

In a previous posting I mentioned reasons why I believe that the 2in1 tablet-laptop combination device (HP 360 P N37004 /500gb Green Touch 11.6) is a suitable learning tool for students in a classroom and at home.

To recap, these reasons are:

  • compact size
  • the tablet screen is protected
  • you can touch and type (best of both worlds).

Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered that the 2in1 can be a good tool also for educators: teachers, lecturers and course administrators.

I am the head tutor of an course (Teaching with Technology), offered by GetSmarter and Wits University, aimed at teachers and lecturers who want to learn how to use technology as a teaching tool.  This requires me to participate in a very lively discussion forum, as well as marking assignments on-line.

When travelling I make use of odd moments like when waiting at an airport, or between meetings, or when taking a break in a coffee shop, to engage with my students.  This I did in the past by using a tablet – more convenient than a laptop to carry around and to open up quickly.  This worked for me, only the on-screen keyboard made it somewhat tedious when I needed to make longer comments.

For a few weeks now I’ve been using the 2in1 and found it to be an excellent tool for me – it is compact, easy and quick to use, but with the added advantage of a full keyboard, should I need it.  It has certainly made my life as an on-line tutor much easier.

This made me think: it would be an ideal tool for teachers and lecturers … small enough to carry around with ease, and big enough to use it for serious work.