2023-11-29 20:37

Kobus van Wyk

The 2in1 device: an ideal solution for education

Over the past few days I’ve been using my 2in1 tablet-laptop combination device (HP 360 P N37004 /500gb Green Touch 11.6) for everything, in order to determine whether it will be suitable for classroom use.  And I must say, even though I’m not in a classroom, I became rather attached to it.  The features I find useful (and which I believe will be useful in education) are the following:

Touch when you want to and type when you need to
Touch when you want to and type when you need to
  • Size:  it is small, compact and fits into any bag quite easily.  It takes less space than a standard textbook … so just imagine the reduction of weight of a book bag when students load all their textbooks as e-books on the device.
  • Protected:  When you close the device, the screen is protected … with tablets you need additional protection.  I bought a padded sleeve to protect the device overall, but that is just because I am obsessive about taking care of electronic equipment. One of the biggest problems with the use of tablets in schools is damaged screens, often because the device is shoved into an overfull bag.  The 2in1 will solve this problem in two ways: it will reduce the contents of the bag and the screen will be protected when the machine is in its closed position.
  • Touch and type: The touch features of a tablet is desirable in education, but the downside is the on-screen keyboard.  With the 2in1 this problem is solved: touch when you want to, and type when you need to.

Useful in education?  I definitely believe so!