2023-11-29 20:28

Kobus van Wyk

It's not one or the other - it's both!
It’s not one or the other – it’s both!

I’ve just unpacked my HP 360 P N37004 /500gb Green Touch 11.6.  A long description for a very neat 2 in 1 device!

In education circles there is an on-going debate about whether a laptop (a device with a keyboard) or a tablet is the most suitable tool for use by learners.  There is general consensus that technology must be put in the hands of learners to improve educational outcomes, as well as to develop digital skills.  But the jury is still out regarding the best form factor for such a device.

The 2 in 1 may just be the compromise solution.  It is a tablet, with all the touch features that one would expect, yet, if you need the keyboard you have that too.  Over the next few weeks I will be using this device for everything … email, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, writing, working, surfing the internet, and whatever else I may want to do.  I will also look at some education apps in order to determine how this device can fit into education.