2023-11-29 20:00

Kobus van Wyk

An exciting new partnership is revolutionising access to innovative teacher training methods

Online education company, GetSmarter and University of the Witwatersrand School of Education (WSoE) have announced that they have partnered to offer a new online short course in the educational sphere: Strategic Implementation of ICT Integration in Education. This course is part of an initiative to develop the technology skills of teachers in classrooms across South Africa.

Broadening access to top quality education

The new partnership between GetSmarter and WSoE aims to increase access to top-tier university programs in the educational faculty, a sector of Africa that, in comparison to countries across the world, is behind in practical skills training for teachers. GetSmarter’s core purpose of Improving Lives Through Better Education is now not only brought to life by their current business portfolio of industry relevant short courses aimed to provide career advancement to working professionals, but now also by enabling the teachers of South Africa to possess the technical skills they need to be better teachers and therefore improve the lives of the young minds they teach.

This exciting new offering by WSoE is in line with their industry leading short courses offered via their Wits Plus programs, an initiative focussing on part-time, evening classes. Now Wits is able to not only offer contact based learning, but also courses that are 100% online and accessible to anyone with access to an internet connection and computer. The partnership formed out of the mutual belief that the educational achievement of South Africa’s youth is a key determinant of South Africa’s future economic growth, and therefore improving educational attainment should be seen as an urgent priority for South Africa.

Rob Paddock, chief academic officer at GetSmarter explains:

“We believe that South Africa’s future economic prosperity hinges directly on improving the quality of the teachers already working in our schools. In order to do this, we need to revisit the ongoing education models for our educators, and reimagine a system that can help teachers develop their practice in ways that will benefit students. To this end, the Wits School of Education (WSoE) and GetSmarter have forged a partnership to offer cutting edge online teacher development programmes for in-service teachers throughout Southern Africa.”

Education is the single most important tool we have to effect change in our country. By empowering teachers with critical new skills in technology, we can radically improve teachers’ skills and therefore provide students with a better chance of success in the future” Says Reuben Dlamini, the Course Convener from Wits School of Education.

Improve current teaching practice throughout South Africa

The Strategic Implementation of ICT Integration in Education short course is designed for teachers currently practicing in the primary, secondary, tertiary and higher education sectors. In addition, this course is particularly suited to teachers in the formal sector and trainers in the informal sector, learning and teaching professionals (education developers, instructional designers, etc.), people new to online or blended teaching, or those who want to improve their current teaching practice, as well as anyone interested in educational technology or online instruction. To apply for the course, students need to be current teachers in practice.

Teachers will complete an online short course which will focus on the development of effective teaching methods, using technology. GetSmarter’s Virtual Learning Environment brings teachers on the course together and enables them to swop ideas and debate various teaching methods with the support and guidance of their Head Tutor, Kobus van Wyk. Students will have to complete various assignments and tasks to achieve a minimum of 50% to successfully pass the course, and upon successful completion, will receive a certificate of competence from WSoE.

Diversifying the reach of WSoE’s current offering

Wits understands distance learning and the competencies needed to successfully execute online courses, and recognises GetSmarter as the leaders in online education. These 2 power houses aim to eradicate barriers to teacher training in South Africa, which will hopefully open doors to many more opportunities in the educational sphere.

Rob Paddock explains:

“Our vision is that the partnership will allow WSoE to extend and diversify the reach of their current offerings through GetSmarter’s industry leading online education competencies. By leveraging the unique competencies of these two respected institutions, it is our hope that this partnership we will prove a new model for effective, accessible and research-driven teacher education in Southern Africa.”

In an African and South African context, there is an opportunity for this form of distance learning to transform education, and it can be claimed that GetSmarter and WSoE are leading the way for a brighter future for South African teachers and students alike.

With over 8 years experience in the field, GetSmarter brings a practised and proven learning model founded in pedagogical expertise, and a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that promises to replicate, and even enhance, the very best features of the traditional face-to-face classroom.

Visit wits.getsmarter.co.za for more information.