2023-11-29 21:46

Kobus van Wyk

Does size matter when choosing a tablet?

Tablet size does matter – but only to you.  There is no universal right size for a tablet; the right size depends on your requirements and your personal preference.

Tablets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from cell phone size to computer screen size.  Some manufacturers try to merge cell phones with tablets, resulting in huge phones with tablet capabilities, or tablets with which you can make telephone calls: these devices are sometimes called phablets.

Tablet size is usually given in inches, as measured diagonally from corner to corner and the two most common sizes are 7 inch (7″) and 10 inch (10″) although in-between sizes are becoming popular.

Smaller tablets have the advantage of being lighter than the bigger ones.  It is possible to put a small tablet in a lady’s handbag, or squeeze it into a pocket of some jackets.  When used as a reader, many people prefer the smaller tablet – to them it feels more like a book than a bigger device would.  The weight and size make it more comfortable to hold for a long period, particularly when reading in bed and holding it with one hand.

Of course, if you make the letters bigger for easier reading without your glasses, the smaller screen will require that you flip to the next page more frequently – some people find this rather annoying.

The clear advantage of a bigger tablet is its bigger screen.  This is useful when browsing the web, eliminating a fair deal of zooming and scrolling.

In general, small tablets are cheaper than their larger counterparts – if size does not matter to you, it may matter to your pocket.

The jury is still out on which size tablet would be most suitable for students at school or college.

The size of the tablet remains a matter of preference that is determined by how you anticipate using the device.  Find an opportunity to play around with different size tablets before you purchase one – there is no substitute for holding the tablet in your hands to experience how it feels.

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