2023-11-29 19:47

Kobus van Wyk

Repetition is the key to retention … and avoiding confusion

The e-pioneer plans on being misunderstood.

A misunderstanding is worse than understanding nothing at all.  When you don’t understand, you usually refrain from doing.  When you misunderstand you’re likely to act in the mistaken belief that you know what you’re doing – just imagine how disastrous that can be!

The process of technology training for teachers is fraught with misunderstandings.  These mix-ups often happen as a result of using technical jargon.  To a person unfamiliar with keyboard technology, the instruction to “hit the ENTER key” may not convey the idea of gently pushing this key with the little finger of your right hand.

E-pioneers don’t become despondent when teachers misconstrue what they’re being taught.  In fact, you must anticipate that it will happen – and plan to work around the confusion.

How?  Here are two suggestions:

When a topic is introduced, avoid using technical terms – particularly acronyms.   Keep explanations simple.

Another useful confusion remedying technique is repetition.  Approach the matter first from one angle, then from another.  Do this, not once, not twice, but as many times as you need to lift the fog.  Repetition on different occasions may be necessary – continue repeating the lesson until the teacher is comfortable in performing the new skill.

Prepare yourself for misunderstandings.  If the teacher is still confused after  the first or second time, you must have a Plan B up your sleeve.  Persevere until you’re understood.

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