2023-11-29 21:44

Kobus van Wyk

Teachers, use favourable conditions to stock up on technical skills

The e-pioneer makes hay while the sun shines.

The rationale behind the idiom “make hay while the sun shines” may not be all that clear to city slickers. It originated in an agricultural setting and was used as far back as 1546 when it was in the form: “whan the sunne shynth make hey“.  Just shows you how old it is!

This antique expression refers to the processing of hay after a harvest. The warmth of the sun is required to dry the wheat stalks and to turn them into hay. When a heap of hay, once dried, gets wet again, it starts to rot. In view of the unpredictability of the weather, the opportunity must therefore be grabbed to tie the hay in bundles and store them in a protected place while the weather holds.

The e-pioneer follows the principle of this idiom: help teachers take advantage of favourable circumstances – which may not last indefinitely – to become proficient in the use of technology.

When technology is placed in schools the sun of opportunity is shining. It is, however, shining through a shrinking window of opportunity.

For example: once technology has been installed, the hardware warranty clock starts ticking away; the time for optimal use and guaranteed vendor support is running out. Or, once the project making the technology available is completed, further training opportunities and technical support may not be available.

Principals, in particular, must make hay while the sun shines by seeing to it that favourable conditions are used to build technical skills in staff members.

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  1. I agree with this notion. My experience in training staff re EIAWB is when the right “emotional sun + time sun + < workload sun + many other sunny conditions prevails @ a school" that the harvest of the hay is @ its best !!. I need the staff to be focused on the activities when I am doing the workshop TOGETHER with them. The EIAWB harvest should be collected as a team.

    I also "consult" the principal and EIAWB educators when is the worst time to "harvest the EIAWB hay" e.g. when it is "moontime e.g. waning moon" can be when tests or exam weeks are in progress or PAYDAY 15/xx/xxxx or Fridays @ 14:30pm and so; this is not even the time to try to plant the crop at all!!

    They (the school + principal + staff) should be "ripened" to be harvested so that the "hay (ICT skills) can be stored" in an open mind / hay baler storeroom!

    Albie the sun not the moon

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