2023-11-29 19:40

Kobus van Wyk

Think in terms of solutions rather than problems

The e-pioneer encourages teachers to find solutions.

Teachers often raise objections when they are encouraged to use technology as a teaching tool.  Many of these questions are valid, but are asked, not so much to find a solution, but to find a reason for not using technology.

Some of these questions are:

What if the learners vandalize the equipment?

What if the learners know more about technology than I do?

What if the class is too big to allow each child access to a computer?

What if the computer room is fully booked and I can’t get access for my class?

What if the learners find pornographic sites on the internet?

Good questions indeed!  Each one of them poses a challenge and requires a lengthy discussion.  E-pioneers may become frustrated if, after having gone through a long explanation, another problem question is tossed their way.

A good strategy is to respond as follows: “An interesting challenge, but how do you think you can to solve the problem?”

This approach encourages the one who asks the question to think in terms of solutions rather than problems. 

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  1. A past principal always told us that he did not want to hear problems, only solutions. I always wondered about this. If I had a solution to my problem, is it still a problem? And if it is still a problem, does he have a solution different to mine that will work? He was the guy that had eons more experience than I did. Who else on the staff has a better solution? If a solution works, then can it help someone else? If you don’t take note of the problems and help to solve them, what experience do you have in formulating solutions? Which solutions can you offer? How can a person help another to implement a solution successfully? Can it be documented and implemented again? How can it be refined?

    The other side of the coin is when one becomes lazy to think of solutions when problems arise…I think Iĺl stop there…

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