2023-11-29 20:14

Kobus van Wyk

Protect school computer facilities against criminals

The e-pioneer advocates wearing both belts and braces.

A belt is used to keep your pants up. But to make sure that it will definitely not fall down, an investment in braces may be considered.

In view of the terrifying level of crime, e-pioneers encourage schools to apply the belt and braces principle to secure their investment in technology. What is the use of spending a small fortune on creating a state of the art facility, and then lose it to burglars just because the security measures are inadequate?

Protect every possible point where robbers could gain entry to the facility: windows, doors, even the roof.  Bolt down equipment.  A surveillance system must be in place to alert law-enforcement agencies of an attempted burglary.

You may not always succeed in preventing professional criminals from violating security, but at least sufficient measures should be in place to deter petty thieves.

If, in spite of all these precautions, criminals still get away with the loot, a good, paid up insurance policy will soften the blow.

The most effective protection against crime is the committed involvement of the community. When community members are actively involved in the process of creating a computer facility for the school right from the start, they are sure to assume a protective role.

E-pioneers do well to encourage the use of belts, braces, buttons, bolts and whatever bulwarks can be built to bolster the security of their precious technology facilities.

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