2023-11-29 20:45

Kobus van Wyk

How to help reluctant teachers to adopt e-learning

The e-pioneer catches a chicken with stealth.

Different strategies exist for catching a chicken.  You can chase it around until it is tired – this will only work if you are fit enough so that you will not tire out before the chicken.

Alternatively, you can work more strategically.

Approach the chicken slowly, not showing any intention to grab it.  Talk gently, possibly distracting it with food. Then – you must be super fast – grab the chicken. Don’t grab the tail – you may end up with a hand full of feathers – or the neck of the chicken.  You don’t want to hurt it.  If you don’t succeed and you frighten the chicken, give it time to calm down and try again later.

The e-pioneer can follow the same strategy when helping reluctant teachers to adopt e-learning.  Chasing them until they do what the e-pioneer wants them to do is tiring for both parties. 

Don’t scare teachers with great technical complexity. Slowly approaching them with “food” – explanations and demonstrations – and calmly talking to them are more effective.  They must never feel threatened.  Sudden movements – expecting them to make changes too fast – scare them off.  If you don’t succeed in winning the teacher over today, try again – tomorrow or next week.

Teachers are not chickens – but the e-pioneer can take a lesson from the book of the chicken catcher.

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