2023-11-29 21:01

Kobus van Wyk

How to win the e-learning war

The e-pioneer succeeds through little victories.

A war is seldom won as a result of one big decisive battle.  The history of warfare through the ages teaches us that a war consists of a series of smaller conquests.  The victor rejoices over every successful campaign.  Some battles may even be lost along the way.

The e-pioneer’s warfare is similar.  Seldom does the entire staff complement of a school embrace technology all at once.  A few early adopters may swiftly accept technology as an aid to teaching.  In most cases not many respond that way – but the e-pioneer rejoices over every bit of progress that is made, regardless of how small it may be.

Examples of small conquests along the way are:

A governing body agrees to purchase a much needed piece of technology.

An agreement is reached with a service provider to provide ongoing support to the school.

A teacher who never used technology before starts doing so.

A greater number of teachers attend training sessions.

The principal starts using presentation software during meetings.

The e-pioneer keeps the ultimate goal in mind – transforming the school into an e-school.  This requires determination and patience.  Small victories lift the spirit when slow progress threatens to discourage the e-pioneer.

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  1. A little victory that can become a MAJOR VICTORIOUS EVENT – when the Principal is starting to use any hardware + software to do his assemblies, functions, merit evenings, Governing Body meetings and many other events on the school calender. Once that level is reach – doing his / her contact sessions with educators, learners, parents and the community – the MAJOR VICTORIOUS EVENT has won and overcome the ICT fear!!


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