2023-11-29 19:41

Kobus van Wyk

How to win against red tape

The e-pioneer cuts through red tape.

An “efficient bureaucracy” is an oxymoron – red tape strangles all efforts towards efficiency.

Many people have tried fighting bureaucracy, only to find that, while it may be possible to win small battles, red tape is such a powerful weapon that it is impossible to win the war.

How can an e-pioneer cut through red tape to ensure successful implementation of technology in schools?
When hitting a “you can’t do this” brick wall, first establish: is this an organizational rule, or is it simply the whim of an official?  Red tape is often created on the fly by bureaucrats who have personal agendas – in this case enlist the help of someone higher in the hierarchy.

If the stumbling block is an organizational rule, try to understand the reason for it.  With this understanding it may still be possible to achieve your objective while altering your plans slightly or finding an alternative way to reach your goal.  You can only succeed against red tape if you are flexible – don’t insist on a single solution.

The e-pioneer must make friends with people in the hierarchy, explaining why technology is important in schools and what needs to be done to implement it successfully.  Such friends will prove to be powerful allies.

If e-pioneers can’t cut through red tape, they weave their way through it.

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