2023-11-29 21:48

Kobus van Wyk

Never give up in the fight against bureaucracy

 The e-pioneer fights bureaucracy.

A bureaucracy is an organizational framework with procedures, protocols and regulations to manage and control the activities of large systems, such as education departments.

The vast volumes of documentation required by such a structure are often tied in bundles by red tape – a tradition of bureaucracies since the seventeenth century.  This explains why the term “red tape” is used when we refer to the excessively complex and depressingly time-consuming processes of an organization.

Bureaucracies are sometimes at odds with e-pioneers.  Why?

Schools are subject to the red tape of the education department.  Red tape is used by bureaucrats to preserve the status quo – innovation is not encouraged since it takes them out of their comfort zone.

When e-pioneers introduce new technologies, they are seen as a disruptive influence.  Red tape is spun to hamper progress on the road to innovation.  And even if the barriers are not put in place deliberately, organizational red tape hampers the pace of modernization.

The e-pioneer can never give up in the face of such obstructions and has to fight back.  How?  Innovative e-pioneers always find legal ways to cut through the red tape to liberate teachers and learners.

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  1. Words cannot describe how much I hate bureaucracy. I wanted to write all my hate words in this post but decided not to do that and do what I do best – ignore bureaucracy. I cannot divulge my other tactics as my superiors may tie me up in red tape. Suffice to say- Give a bureaucrat a good idea and he’ll stuff it up.

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