2023-11-29 21:34

Kobus van Wyk

You can be a leading instance in e-learning

The e-pioneer is a pacesetter.

Athletes and race-horses need to pace themselves throughout a race.  While starting fast enough so that they don’t fall behind, they should not go so fast that they have no energy left to finish the race.  A pacesetter helps runners to maintain the correct tempo.

The pacesetter has become a metaphor for any person who runs ahead, who takes the lead, or who sets a standard for others to emulate.

The e-pioneer is a pacesetter – a leader in the field of in e-learning.

e-Pioneers set high standards for themselves – they also set high standards for those whom they lead.  A pacesetter must lead by example – never ask followers to do anything you won’t do yourself.  For example, if you expect teachers to use e-mail, do you communicate with them by means of e-mail?

A word of warning to e-pioneers: don’t set the pace of technology too fast.  It may lead to burn-out.  A good pacesetter considers the person running the race – this means that you must be mindful of the experience level of those following you.

The pacesetting e-pioneer must be a motivator.  When someone falls behind – perhaps missing training opportunities – you must provide encouragement and help the lagger to pick up the pace.

If you want to be a good pacesetter you must be willing to jump – boots and all – into the race.  Run alongside the ones you are leading, giving them the comfort or your presence and support.

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  1. I am an e-EIAWB pacesetter, but sometimes I find that my pace is too “fast” then I need to slow down during the EIAWB sessions.

    I sometimes makes U-turns and start again where some “toolbars” did not get used due to “fear”, misunderstanding and uncertainty. Then I “pick them up” place then on the EIAWB in a new e-perspective, and then the race can continue.

    Teaspoon pacecetter is the ideal, soupspoon some educators managed to handle it, but the wheelbarrow with EIAWB “TOOLS” resulted in the past that the electronic cement sets in too soon before it can be applied and are left “dry” on the sides of the wheelbarrow and thus cannot be used again.
    So, avoid the wheelbarrow pacesetter, and don’t even consider the Readymix Digger Loader Truck from Lavarga !

    A teaspoon @ a time is the right thing to do and it is the safe tempo to feed the hungry.

    Albie: a teaspoon in time saves e-EIAWB

  2. I must confess that I am not a good pacesetter. Here I have much to learn. The fear of standing still while the world is turning scares the hell out of me. I don’t want to be left behind. Having said this, I many times cannot understand how others are so calm and collected about not using ICT to their benefit. Yet they need others to do ICT stuff for them. All my bad habits with a good amount of fury and impatience surface when I have to convince them why they must use it.
    How do I set the pace for others when mine tends to be so hectic?

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