2023-11-29 21:43

Kobus van Wyk

Are you a pathfinder?

The e-pioneer is a pathfinder.

A pathfinder finds paths where none existed before.  An explorer does very much the same but there is a difference.

A sense of adventure – a hunger to experience new things – motivates the explorer to discover new avenues.

The pathfinder explores new routes and establishes a clearly marked path for others to follow.

A pioneer is both an explorer and a pathfinder, finding personal fulfilment through discovery and creating a roadmap for others.

As an e-pioneer you must not only be an explorer – you must also be a pathfinder.

During the Second World War, some British Royal Air Force pilots were asked to fly over enemy territories, identifying appropriate targets and then dropping coloured flares so that the heavy bombers had aiming points and the ground forces knew where to attack.  These pilots were known as Pathfinders.

Imagine you’re hovering over the confusing labyrinth of technology.  Your colleagues are bewildered and hesitant to enter the maze.  But with your basic understanding of technology, your natural curiosity about cyberspace, your understanding of educational needs and your desire to help others, you’re exploring new technologies that have the potential for improving teaching and learning.  When you discover anything useful you mark it clearly.  In this way you’re building a roadmap for those who are hesitant to enter the world of technology.

An e-pioneer enjoys the discovery process – and enjoys the satisfaction of showing others the way.

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