2023-11-29 20:31

Kobus van Wyk

Have you ever thought of yourself as an explorer?

The e-pioneer is an explorer.

There are few places on earth left to explore and so people have moved on to space exploration.  As an e-pioneer you can explore cyberspace – the rapid progress of technology opens up vast tracts of discovery to you.

In the spirit of a true pioneer you need courage to test existing boundaries.  You must be prepared to leave your comfort zone when you venture into unknown worlds. An explorer wants more out of life than what currently exists, and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve this.

Why would you do this?  Explorers such as Christopher Columbus travelled for the purpose of discovery and adventure.  The ecstasy of conquest, the promise of wealth and the feeling of accomplishment were some of their driving forces.

An e-pioneer can experience the same thrills:

The discoveries you’ll make will be just as exciting as those of a space traveller.

A feeling of conquest will delight you when you achieve higher levels of technical competency.

Wealth may not always come to you in material form – not all of us are Shuttleworths – but your mind will certainly be enriched.

You will be left with a feeling of accomplishment when you’re able to lead your community to discover new vistas.

Whether you’re an explorer of the planet, space, or cyberspace, your travels will have a profound effect on you – your horizons will become much broader.

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  1. Playing around with the EIAWB software, surefing the www cyberspace, I have “dicovered” some unique features – thus an e-EIAWB pioneer. Having aquired these new “features”, I can share the e-pioneer work with the educators in the classroom and thus making their “route” to better LITNUM easier and smoother.


  2. For me personally, I just walk along a path that others have safely tread already and so now and again, like a curious child I hop off the track to see what’s happening elsewhere. Later, I may return or just abandon the well-travelled road. To know how things work and how to fix them thrills the hell out of me. It is even better when one can share it with others. Sometimes it is a pity there is no-one just as excited to share it with.

  3. Exploring cyberspace, as an e-pioneer, often puts you out on the cutting edge.

    Just last week at the iNet conference we heard that for pioneers, the cutting edge often becomes the bleeding edge.

    This is because our exitement about the possibilities of e-learning and our efforts to innovate, often gets sidelined or dismissed by those who are too afraid to explore cyberspace themselves. They are the ones who are often too scared to get out of their comfort zones.

    So until we get to motivate & inspire those around us, we as e-pioneers can expect to feel lonely sometimes.

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