2023-11-29 20:40

Kobus van Wyk

Anyone who actively promotes e-learning and the use of e-tools is an e-pioneer.

Are you a school principal?  Do your best to be an e-pioneer.  Even if you’re not completely e-literate, you can still take the lead in your school by encouraging your staff to make optimal use of available technology.

If you are a teacher who embraced technology as a teaching tool and are now encouraging your colleagues to do the same, you are an e-pioneer.  You may be known as a computer champion, or network administrator, or computer boffin – whatever name you’re given, you can spearhead the cause of technology in your school.

There is no reason why there must be only one e-pioneer in a school – the more the merrier.  There are many learners in your school who need your guidance.

Education department officials who are e-pioneers are invaluable!  If you hold a post as director, curriculum advisor or planner, team leader, or technology integration facilitator, your lead in e-matters is crucial.

Who is an e-pioneer?  When you promote e-learning and the use of e-tools in your environment, you are one!

Click here for food for thought for e-pioneers.


  1. Iam an e-learner re new developments in e-technology and I am an e-EIAWB trainer and an e-Facilitator and thus I am an e-pioneer promoting e !

    Albi e- with e-tools !

  2. Do pioneers have followers or peers or does they just go about it on their own?

  3. Sorry…that “does” does not belong there, but do does. Makes sense?

  4. Mark, e-pioneer strive to have followers, they find comfort from their peers (other e-pioneers), they never just go about it on their own … in fact, they themselves follow others who are one or more steps ahead. Watch this space for further discussions on all these aspects of e-pioneers!

  5. Don’t worry about followers…lead by example…the enthusiasm of your learners for your efforts in making their learning more interactive and fun will be reward enough- And hopefully your colleagues eventually will catch up because they can then no longer afford to be be left behind…

    Kobus is right- there are other e-pioneers out there- so you need not be alone. Most important skill for an e-pioneer is to be an enthusiastic follower- than way you will find other willing and able mentors that can guide you, inspire you and support you.

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