Is it difficult to learn to use technology in the classroom?

Friday, August 27th, 2010 | technology | 2 Comments

The answer to this question could be “yes” and it could be “no”.  It depends on four factors.

 The first one is your level of understanding of technology in general.  If you’ve used a computer – or any other form of technology – before, you will have no problem learning to incorporate its use in the classroom.  If you have mastered the use of electronic gadgets such as cell phones, DVD players and video cameras, you are just a short step away from mastering technology as a teaching tool.

 Secondly, your technology aptitude determines, to some extent, how difficult it will be for you to learn to use a new device.  Some people take to technology like a duck to water.  How difficult was it for you to learn to use your cell phone when you first got it?  If you are one of those people who quickly figures out how to use appliances you should have no problem.  If you usually leave technology up to others in the home, you will have to work somewhat harder.

 A third factor is the amount of effort you are prepared to put into it.  You will need to spend time learning the many aspects of technology.  One of the best ways to learn is to do and the more time you spend practising the things you learn, the quicker you will get on top of them.

 The fourth, and perhaps the most important factor, is your attitude.  Do you really want to learn to use technology as a teaching tool?  What is your motivation?  Do you feel it is an unnecessary burden, or do you believe that it would be to your advantage to know how to use it?  A positive attitude can even make up for deficiencies in the other factors.

 The extent to which you measure up to these four factors will determine how difficult it will be for you to learn to use technology.  If you discover that some of these factors are not in your favour, don’t despair.  Just look around and see how many teachers have managed to learn to use various forms of technology – few of them are smarter than you!

 If you really want to come to grips with technology, you will succeed.

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Is it necessary to make regular backups?

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Computer Usage | 2 Comments

Do not neglect making backups when you use your laptop – it is as important as putting on a safety belt when you get into a car, or washing your hands before you eat, or locking the door before you go to bed.  In many cases you may get away when you ignore these things, but one day, when you least expect it, you will be caught.

Take the fable of the cage bird and the bat to heart.

A singing bird was confined in a cage and only sang at night when all the other birds were asleep.

One night a bat came along and clung to the bars of the cage and asked the bird why she was silent by day and sang only at night.

“I have a very good reason for doing so,” the bird replied.  “It was once when I was singing in the daytime that a bird catcher was attracted to my voice – he set his nets for me and caught me.  Since then I have never sung except by night.”

“It is no use doing that now when you are a prisoner,” the bat said.  “If only you had done so before you were caught, you might still have been free.”

The moral of the story: Why do you have to be caught before you will listen?

Many people have been entrapped by not making backups.  Learn from them. Establish a realistic backup routine for yourself.


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