5 Tips for teachers to get going with technology

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Where do I start?

Where do I start?

Are you a teacher who would like to improve your teaching in the classroom?

Have you considered using technology as a tool to do so?  But you’re facing a dilemma – you’re not a technology boffin and you don’t know how to learn to use it?

Here are a few tips that may help you to get going:

A quick and easy way for you to learn to use technology is to buy it, switch it on, use it and ask for help when you’re stuck.

When you consider a technology training course, remember that Just-In-Time (JIT) training is recommended otherwise new skills can’t be reinforced and are soon forgotten.

You would likely respond best to face-to-face training; the comfort of the warm-body experience must not be under estimated.

A blended approach is possibly the best way of learning to use technology, using different available training options such as: enrolling for a training course; making use of e-learning material; trial and error discovery; and asking a friend for help when you’re stuck.

If you’re a technology novice, you may initially find entertainment available on a computer or a tablet (or even your smart phone) a painless introduction to technology.  Play a game, or download a few videos, or start reading an e-book, or sign up for one of the social networks.

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A security tip for schools with computers

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 | Tips | Comments Off

Teachers, principals and school governing bodies are proud of the resources at their schools, particularly if they have worked hard to obtain those resources.  It is understandable that they want others to know what the school has to offer.

One of the things a school may be pleased about is a computer room, particularly in areas where computers are not yet commonly used by the community.   Sadly this facility may become a target for criminals.  Securing a computer room against theft comes at great cost: burglar bars, security gates, surveillance equipment and even steel mesh or razor wire on the ceiling.

Have you considered that, inadvertently, you may be inviting burglars into your computer room?

This sign says: "Plenty of loot inside!"

Resist the temptation to put up a nice sign informing all about your technology resources.  This is particularly so if the sign is on the outside perimeter of the school, where it is visible to all passing by.

A sign that could help to protect your equipment is one informing that security measures are in place.  Such a sign acts as a deterrent and when prospective thieves see it, they may decide that it would be safer for them to take their business elsewhere.

Display this sign on the outside of the school.

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How to calculate the a volume of a cylinder

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 | Tips | 8 Comments

Are your students battling to remember the formula of a cylinder?  Try to illustrate it by means of a pizza (I must admit it is a rather flat cylinder!).

If the height of the pizza is a, and the radius is z, the formula to calculate its volume is: 



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