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World Teachers’ Day

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 | education | 6 Comments

Did you know that today, 5 October 2010, is World Teachers’ Day?  What is this day about?

According to the World Teachers’ Day website, its aim is as follows:

Recovery begins with teachers

On World Teachers’ Day 2010 hundreds of thousands of students, parents and activists around the world will pay homage to all teachers who have been directly or indirectly affected by a major crisis.   Be it a humanitarian crisis, such as the earthquake in Haiti and China, or the global economic crisis that has devastated many developed economies over the past year, the role of teachers and other education personnel is vital to social, economic and intellectual rebuilding.

All those who are fighting to provide quality education to children of the world can join teachers and their representative organisations to celebrate the profession and show them their support!

Teachers affected by a major crisis?  Perhaps the recent strike?  I don’t think strike action qualifies as a crisis for teachers – it is self-inflicted – but it does constitute a crisis to the victimized learners.  Maybe we should have a World Learners’ Day to give support to learners who are trying to get a quality education in spite of their teachers!

A definite crisis is the lack of support offered by education authorities to empower teachers to use technology!  While learners are becoming increasingly digitally included, many of our teachers are still on the wrong side of the digital divide.  True, many of them are reluctant to use technology, but the real crisis lies in the lack of support for teachers to change their attitudes towards technology and to become skilled practitioners.

I applaud all those teachers who are willing to do whatever they can, in spite of their circumstances, to provide their learners with a good quality education.

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