SMS speak translator

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 | Tips | 2 Comments

If your teenage son sends you a text message and you don’t understand his SMS speak, there is hope.  Go to this translator, type in the obscure message, and you’ll have it translated!  Perhaps easier than learning to decipher it yourself.

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Communication trends

Saturday, February 5th, 2011 | communication | 13 Comments

Technology accelerated the pace of globalization – the result is a much smaller world, they say.  The advance of technology made travel easier and communication faster, so that the illusion of a smaller globe is created.

It seems as if technology, while making communication easier and faster, also has other effects on the way we communicate.

“Can I send you an e-mail,” one person asked.

“No, rather text me – I will get to it quicker than to my e-mail,” another replied.

The e-mail – long hailed as a technological wonder – is fast becoming yesterday, while the SMS is the flavour of today.  Doesn’t matter if the SMS (short message service) restricts you to only a few words – who needs a long message if a short one will do?

Blogging is also changing.  During the time of troubles in Iraq the world was alerted to what was happening there through blogs.  This has changed – eye-witness reports of events in Egypt are brought to us through Twitter.  We have now moved to micro-blogging as a way of receiving the news of the world.

Why use 140 words to report on something if you can do it in 140 characters?

What’s next?  We moved from long reports to a few words to a few characters.  How short can we get?  How low can we go?  The bit?

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SMSing while you walk may land you in the dwang

Sunday, July 19th, 2009 | communication | 4 Comments

Be careful where you click is sound advice for people who surf the web.

Be careful where you step is likewise good advice for people who are writing an SMS while walking in the street.  A teenager in New York was so engrossed in sending a text message that she did not see an open manhole – and fell into it.

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