Bad news for school textbook vendors

Sunday, August 9th, 2009 | resources | 15 Comments

It may still be some time before sufficient technology is available in South African schools to do away with textbooks altogether, but more and more people are thinking in this direction.

The article Moving Into a Digital Future, Where Textbooks Are History explains what is happening in some schools in the United States of America.

If you consider the vast amounts of money being spent on textbooks each year – and I believe printers of textbooks and booksellers are skimming off considerable profits – it seems that it would be the course of wisdom for education departments to invest more in technology facilities in schools.

It may also be prudent for individual schools to think what they can do to do away with textbooks.  Consider a few benefits:

E-texts are easy to update, hence learning resources will always be up to date.

E-books are much, much cheaper than their hard-copy counterparts.

Material presented in electronic format helps to keep the planet green.

We may still have textbooks with us for some time – but just as the abacus made way for the electronic calculator, textbooks will eventually become redundant.

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Sharing valuable teaching resources

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 | Computer Usage, Personal Learning Networks, resources | Comments Off

The people of Africa are known for their hospitality and willingness to share; even when their own provisions are low, they are willing to share what they have with others, even strangers.

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How willing are our teachers to share resources with others – their lesson plans, interesting teaching aids, test questions, class notes, and all the other things that take hours to prepare? Educators often complain about their workload – they can lighten this load by leveraging off material that has already been developed by others.

Please read the very practical and thought-provoking blog posting entitled, Sharing Is a Powerful Tool.

Sharing with teachers in other schools, or other provinces, or other countries, may not always be easy. But this is where technology comes to the rescue.

Valuable teaching resources can be shared with others by sending them off by email. Many teachers make their resources available on websites or on their blogs. At times one simply has to transfer electronic files from one computer to another by means of a data stick.

Sharing becomes much easier when teachers embrace the use of technology.

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