XXXV The light shines forth

The lessons Khanya thus has learned

  Can now be shared by all

At times there were some fingers burned

  Some failures were not small


The Khanya project never claimed

  It is the only way

Though many questions have been framed

  Some answers are still grey


The errors made – not viewed as sins –

  They can be turned around

The lessons learned from them are wins

  These make the project sound


Mistakes expensive – some were made –

  From these let others learn

Khanya is very keen to trade

   Their lessons in return


To other regions Khanya’ll reach

  A friendly helping hand

What has been learned Khanya can teach

  To each one in the land


The provinces came visiting

  Some schools they saw first hand

What Khanya’s been accomplishing

  The scale is rather grand


The Queen of Sheba – long ago –

  Saw all of Sol’mon’s gold

Though she thought she was in the know

  To her just half was told


The visitors felt just the same

  Rumours – hard to conceive –

Doubted reports – before they came –

  They saw – now they believe


Khanya is widely recognized

  In far parts of the earth

Its methodology is prized

  As having a great worth


This project one can replicate

  A model that is sound

There’s much that one could imitate

  Good lessons to be found


The method that for Khanya works

  Others should it adjust

Until it matches local quirks

  To customize – a must


At least a structure is in place

  That saves a lot of time

It gives a head start in the race

  To those who it would mime


To publish all that Khanya’s done

  There is a free website

It lists all schools – awards it’s won –

  And all it has done right


To find an explanation clear

  – It lifts the detail fog –

The succinct lessons are brought near

  Through Khanya’s published blog


A Khanya magazine is there

  Puts fore the project’s case

It keeps the story fair and square

  Before the teacher base


The light of Khanya shines forth bright

  And gets much brighter still

It is a penetrating light

  Which brings the greatest thrill


There is an enemy that lurks

  Kills projects in two ticks

This foe each honest person irks

  It’s dirty politics


One hopes that Khanya will be safe

  Won’t as a victim fall

That leaders will not let it chafe

  Attacks they will forestall


The project is a monument

  – To see is to believe –

A showcase of empowerment

  Proves what one can achieve


Though Khanya may in future cease

  When it has run its course

The light it lit will e’er increase

  A liberating force





The name of Khanya fills the land

  Its place in hist’ry great

To all who helped to make it grand

  This poem I dedicate.


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