XXXIV Heads in the sand

It’s claimed that ostriches are dumb

  Great dangers they can’t face

When they sense troubles their way come

  Their heads hide in disgrace


If fear in ostriches is fanned

  Like fools these birds would act

Their heads put right into the sand

  This is told as a fact


Do not believe this fallacy

  They’re merely lying low

Enjoying quiet privacy

  Until the perils go


Their heads are not in sand at all

  With watchful eyes they peep

And even though their brains are small

  A vigil they do keep


It is a most unusual thing

  That to this untrue tale

A saying stubbornly does cling

  And likely will prevail


When someone thus the truth denies

  The facts refuse to face

In deeds reality belies

  This is an ostrich case


Those who their heads hide in the sand

  The real world they don’t see

The future of their course unplanned

  Think – what will be will be


With the high cost of I C T

  This stance one can’t afford

Ensure that with reality

  Acts are in full accord


E’en though it is apocryphal

  Of ostriches take note

The gaze on challenges – keep still –

   In ignorance don’t gloat


The first fact that one has to face

  Schools just were not designed

To have computer labs in place

  No space for them assigned


Equipment simply can’t be dumped

  And hoped it will succeed

No matter how much funds are pumped

  To failure this will lead


An infrastructure put in place

  A safe environment

One customized to ev’ry case

  Of this be adamant


For schools – not easy to do this –

  The skills may not be there

If they therefore their goal would miss

  To them it won’t be fair


If State departments would decide

  To push I T with speed

Their heads in sand they must not hide

  Address the planning need


One can’t expect pathologists

  To win a rugby game

Teachers are not technologists

  To teach – their claim to fame


In teacher training do invest

  Do so without delay

To lead them patiently is best

  There is no other way


A post the State must thus create

  To fill the I T need

There’s urgency to get this straight

  Must get schools up to speed


Not for a moment must one think

  That this takes little sweat

The time that’s spent to build this link

  One never will regret


Do not assume – with P Cs there –

  That they’ll be put to use

Of shelfware you must be aware

  No help from this accrues


The teachers at all times do coax

  Into the labs to go

Do lots of urging of these folks

  To learners this you owe


Do not expect big miracles

  In unused P C farms

For instant cures – not vehicles –

  They are no lucky charms


These few examples do explain

  How heads can be in sand

From such denial – do refrain –

  Have everything well planned

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