XXXIII Sustainability

Schools must have the ability

  – This concept to them sell –

To reach sustainability

  For this they should plan well


If schools install equipment now

  What guarantee is there

That in five years they’ll still know how

  To show it proper care


There problems are potentially

  These always keep in mind

The first is that financially

  One must not fall behind


Have schools the funds that will ensure

  That for a year or six

Bill payment they’re sure to endure

  All problems they will fix


The project plan contains details

  Of the expected cost

If meeting this a poor school fails

  Investment will be lost


Will there be ample funds each term

    The bills will form a queue –  

Make sure there is a budget firm

  To cover all that’s due


When P Cs break there is great cost

  I T one must maintain

If it’s not done there is a loss

  Which one can not regain


The lab must be sustainable

  In a financial sense

The question Who’s responsible

  Makes ev’rybody tense


The school must do all that it can

  Together keep its act

With help from partners – make a plan –

  To keep the lab intact


Make sure that all the partners know

  Commitments they have made

Must do their best to let cash flow

  Their promise may not fade


The current state may seem unfair

  Schools for themselves must fend

Do not give up – do not despair –

  It’s not yet a dead end


Sustainability that’s pure

  This only can be found

When schools funds from the State secure

  It must by law be bound


One hopes that this will happen soon

  – The State will see the light –

The steady flow of funds – a boon –

  Will soften poor schools’ plight


The second way one must sustain

  – This often is ignored –

But it could lead to a great strain

  Which schools can ill afford


It’s not at all financial

  Of this don’t be obtuse

This aspect – operational –

  Puts focus on lab use


One must take care that in due course

  The lab will operate

For good – can’t cease to be a force –

  It never may stagnate


There is a fear – reality –

  Trained teachers will move on

Those with I T ability

  By others will be won


These teachers won’t forever stay

  In time they will be gone

When trained staff from schools move away

  The show must still go on


Good measures must be put in place

  A process to secure

That there’s maintained a solid base

  That is I T mature


The third thing vital to sustain

  The structure of I T

Schools must be able to maintain

  Their own facility


When schools start out they may rely

  On external support

Help – technical – from outside buy

  And this their one resort


To lessen their dependency

  Their own skills must increase

A strong I T ascendancy

  Will call-out rates decrease


This matter makes most poor schools vex

  If there’s no one to share

Sustaining I T is complex

  A burden they must bear


To reach sustainability

  Is not an easy road

But it provides stability

  Which to each school is owed


From all the points discussed thus far

  It must be crystal clear

For all schools one must raise the bar

  Towards I T them steer




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