XXXI Bolts of lightning

With such a rich complex project

  – A leader in its field –

Great challenges one would expect

  But must solutions yield


A lot of folks do recognize

  The project’s super grades

They see with not too much surprise

  Its many accolades


The Stockholm Challenge was the first

  With a special award

From global peers Khanya emersed

  High praises it has scored


Then more achievements followed on

  Most cases –  a first prize –

A great number of trophies won

  In every form and size


The Premier of the Western Cape

  Some special trophies gave

Thrice in a row in such fine shape

  Amidst a fancy rave


It was a tribute truly great

  When T T one hundred

To Khanya gave top first class rate

  Placed on their honour’s grid


Impumelelo did present

  – Backed by Foundation Ford –

At a grand City Hall event

  A super gold award


For public service betterment

  – The praises reached the sky –

Awarded by the Government

  Through the C P S I


This Centre tries to stimulate

  The Public Sector space

Encourage all to innovate

  New paradigms embrace


Sometimes it is quite dangerous

  To get pats on the back

When life is bright and prosperous

  Obscured are things that lack


While big awards are rolling in

  Beware – pride takes a toll –

Resist the dazzle of the win

  Stay focused on the whole


To prove that one is very wise

  Stay humble all the time

Flaws will be there – must realize –

  A fault is not a crime


Do not be blinded by success

  The flaws you then won’t see

At all times quality assess

  Remain from failure free


It’s proved by Khanya – there’s no doubt –

  That it is possible

I T does bring a change about

  Shows what is viable


Technology can with success

  Be rolled out on large scale

Khanya refined the whole process

  A documented trail


The value of all these awards

  A signal loud and clear

The stamp that industry affords

    On their gift list appear


The greatest benefit derived

  Is when sponsors assist

They seek to aid schools once deprived

  Their help one must enlist


Most of these donors are quite keen

  Give help to schools in need

But sadly they’ve felt through the years

  The way their purses bleed


They’ve seen their money disappear

  No bottom to this pit

Away from schools they then did steer

  For them no I T kit


Since they now have the needed proof

  Of Khanya’s huge success

They can no longer stand aloof

  Schools’ needs must help address


It’s good to see that more and more

  Rich donors with good will

In numbers great come to the fore

  Help pay the I T bill


They have become – through Khanya’s fame –

  Partners whom schools can trust

They live up to their noble claim

  Give weight to Khanya’s thrust


Some contribute in cash – some kind –

  Each gift is valued much

Good partners – very hard to find –

  Schools’ hearts they truly touch


There are those who can give advice

  That aids one to excel

Their value bring – without a price –

  Helps faux pas to expel


The partners do not all donate

  Some are commercial firms

Remaining in their vendor state

  But do so on good terms


These vendor partners value add

  – Part of the Khanya team –

Consistent service to be had

  One body it may seem


To eat an elephant is tough

  It is no simple feat

A bite a time is not enough

  This mammoth task to beat


Good partners will help ease this task

  Invite them to the meal

But just be careful whom you ask

  That you get a good deal


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