XXX The light flickers

In spite of all that is installed

  A task that does remain

– The teachers may be quite appalled –

  The whole lot one must train


The teachers may be in a groove

  Of old style tuition

It is a pain for them to move

  To I T fruition


They might be now quite I T smart

  Use P Cs for typing

But could have missed the needed art

  To use them for teaching


It is indeed most distressing

  When visiting the schools

To note teachers who’re not using

  These awesome teaching tools


Sometimes the lab door is found locked

  No learner is in sight

All good that could be done thus blocked

  This clearly is not right


It must be added with great haste

  There are no blanket rules

All teachers simply do not waste

  The I T of their schools


The use of I T is ample

  In many teachers’ case

They set a splendid example

  Its value they embrace


But it just happens far too much

  One finds an empty room

This is quite odd – as odd as such –

  A witch without a broom


If schools do not make opt’mal use

  Of what they have on hand

There’s no value should more they choose

  If what they have is canned


In this case it’s irrelevant

  How poor the ratio is

The point that is quite pertinent

  How much they do not seize


As long as P Cs stand vacant

  For any length of time

Procuring more would be errant

  In fact – would be a crime


This is a matter of surprize

  What could the reason be

How did this most weird case arise

  This great anomaly


Why would so much money be spent

  On a facility

And then it’s not used as it’s meant

  To build ability


Some say it’s technophobia

  But this can hardly be

Since teachers have euphoria

  When they see a P C


Most teachers are not scared at all

  In fact they’re very brave

Face many challenges – stand tall –

  Some even I T crave


Once they’ve received P C training

  These ones feel satisfied

And even though they’ll be straining

  They know at least they’ve tried


But what is it they’ll use it for

  Most of the time to type

Papers and notes or tests they score

  During the start-up hype


A tool of productivity

  The P C has become

Improve teachers’ ability

  No longer I T dumb


Some teachers even opt to buy

  P Cs to use at home

All features with great patience try

  The internet they roam


But sadly this is where they stop

  And focus on admin

Old teaching ways they do not drop

  There’s not a learning win


This is indeed a mystery

  One that is baffling

A challenge that’s a tragedy

  A constant grappling


How does one made the teacher budge

  – The weak link in the chain –

To use I T without a grudge

  Classroom success to gain


Unused computer room syndrome

  One firmly must negate

Though used perhaps in teacher’s home

  Still not a perfect state


All ways must therefore be explored

  Don’t linger and don’t wait

All teachers now must come on board

  P C use propagate


The role of principals – crucial –

  It often has been said

A good school manager – vital –

  A fish rots from its head


Head teachers play a leading role

  Their measures never half

They should I T’s virtues extol

  Must motivate their staff


All principals must take the lead

  Example says a lot

The case of I T they must plead

  So that the fish don’t rot


At all times they must motivate

  Coerce convince cajole

I T’s great need reiterate

  Hold always as a goal


The head must also see to it

  That everything’s in place

A schedule that the school’s needs fit

  The notice board must grace


A vital part of this schedule

  – To it at all times stick –

Always obey this golden rule

  But doing it – a trick


The principals must frequently

  Do spot checks in the labs

Make sure they are used faithfully

  On teachers – must keep tabs


When visits thus the head does make

  It shows due diligence

The school’s well-being is at stake

  Part of good governance


By now one should quite clearly see

  While aiming for the mark

One’s efforts – seldom hassle free –

  No mere walk in the park


So many tasks – they’re ground breaking –

  The road ahead is long

It twists and turns – leaves heads aching –

  Quite easy to go wrong


Best practice do try to locate

  From colleagues globally

But often one must just create

  Solutions locally


From research that’s been done before

  Some facts one may have gleaned

That teachers need a year or more

  Before from chalk they’re weaned


A horse that’s to the water brought

  May well refuse to drink

This leaves the leader quite distraught

  And desp’rate – on the brink


But maybe one can just make sure

  Water’s accessible

Don’t force the horse but gently lure

  To what’s available


This indicates that you must be

  Most patient as you go

Completely of frustration free

  If they at times are slow


Some teachers may be rather shy

  A lesson to present

They’re scared they’ll fail if they do try

  Lose face –  they do resent


Some suffer from another fear

  The fear to lose control

More difficult – learners to steer –

  In this new I T role


Most kids dive in and learn to swim

  Just like a baby duck

They wade through the curriculum

  And very few get stuck


Of this e-world they’re true natives

  They do inhabit it

An adult merely in it lives

  Inherits a small bit


One can therefore have sympathy

  For teachers who take strain

Treat them with greater empathy

  While they with pain do train


Help all these teachers to accept

  It is quite natural

Most learners would be more adept

  Than e’en the principal


Don’t view this as a poor disgrace

  For Youth to teach Age how

No need for Age to try save face

  Before Youth humbly bow


There are some teachers who may feel

  Too old for a new trick

Old dogs rebel – protest and squeal –

  Their painful wounds they lick


The opposite is often true

  – Life is not always grim –

Old ducks sometimes learn new tricks too

  And dogs can learn to swim


Oft older teachers do excel

  And learn an I T skill

All apprehensions they expel

  Not yet right o’er the hill


The team of those who’re visiting

  Trained ones who do assist

Will not give up on mentoring

  All those who do resist


The fact that Khanya has to date

  Been able to display

Results at an impressive rate

  Proves that this is the way

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