XXVIII Light for the learners

The major focus always stays

  On learners in the class

One constantly must look for ways

  To help them better pass


To pass is just the final test

  True learning is the goal

I T must help them get the best

  Fill every vacant hole


Good software products schools will use

  To teach the chosen field

These learning aids with great care choose

  And then with skill do wield


The vendors too must play their part

  Train those who educate

But teachers main source of the art –

  Those who facilitate


The e-plan is the guiding force

  Shows how one must proceed

Do fully use this rich resource

  It’s vital to succeed


First teachers must identify

  Outcomes they need to meet

The e-plan these do specify

  Each one in detail treat


It further must be kept in mind

  What I T’s purpose is

The main objective that’s behind

  Is learners’ skills increase


Kids go to labs to learn content

  For research they go too

For drill and practice they are sent

  And emails they must do


They rectify their reading ills

  And learn to numerate

Brush up on ailing writing skills

  Get knowledge up to date


It has by many schools been proved

  I T is powerful

If it’s with skill correctly moved

  A perfect teaching tool


On days when teachers are not there

  Of teaching there is none

The learners can use good software

  To get some learning done


Schools lack teacher capacity

  Their numbers dwindling fast

Faced by learner voracity

  Good teaching in the past


It is important that schools move

  Towards a better state

Where I T learning does improve

  And teachers simulate


This thought – rather debatable –

  For teachers – sacrilege –

Believe they’re indispensable

  Teaching – their privilege


One must soon move towards a space

  Where learners can receive

Superb learning at their own pace

  Success they must achieve


Dependant just on the teachers

  One can no longer be

And so with reason conjectures

  What is the magic key


Should one with teachers do away

  Most definitely not

One wishes that they all would stay

  Right in their teaching spot


But facts and figures clearly show

  Soon now the day may dawn

When teacher numbers are so low

  That new plans must be drawn


With I T present in the class

  The teacher’s role must change

The new role will the old surpass

  To some this may seem strange


You must be ready for that day

  Get ducks all in a row

With diligence prepare the way

  And let the know-how grow


Good learning programmes are the key

  In the computer room

In format fit for I C T

  This will let learning bloom


A software product that is geared

  The learners to involve

Need not be by the teachers feared

  A gap it helps resolve


There many portals are from which

  To choose the right content

The store of useful stuff is rich

  Which Khanya’s can augment


In its own portal Khanya stores

  Resources digital

Those are created for the cores

  Of courses critical


It has been proved – these can be used –

  If teachers are not there

Not perfect – but can’t be refused –

  A band aid to repair


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