XXVI The real work starts

When this great time has come and gone

  The hype is no more there

The work of training must go on

  No effort may one spare


Facilitators now must guide

  The teachers to e-goals

Advice and help they do provide

  Support all willing souls


They pay a visit once a week

  Or more as needs dictate

Much time is spent – of e to speak –

  The effort truly great


They mentor teachers as they train

  And do a skills transfer

When they themselves are under strain

  To others can refer


The vendors may some training give

  On their specific tools

This does the training load relieve

  A blessing to the schools


Within the school there even may

  Be teachers who possess

Some I T skills they could relay

  To fast track the process


The goal for labs that must be met

  Aim for a stable state

A good time table must be set

  With labels for each date


The lab’s time table must dovetail

  – Must match – with all the rest

So that good order may prevail

  And P Cs yield their best


Make sure that ample lesson time

  Is allocated for

The subject that is viewed as prime

  The one that forms the core


Then look at all the time slots left

  Available for use

Time’s precious – no child leave bereft –

  No minute may one lose


There may be time for language skills

  To be improved by all

Perhaps research the schedule fills

  Some time for facts to trawl


A good time table put in place

  Could take a week or so

If absent – schools will chaos face

  To lab the kids won’t go


When school time is accounted for

  Do not let things go slow

At end of school day – time for more –

  Kids still to labs should go


Each evening or afternoon

  Lab hours can extend

Use all the minutes opportune

  The kids’ poor grades to mend


There’s Sunday and there’s Saturday

  When school doors may be closed

On these days don’t turn kids away

  If they’re I T disposed

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