XII Power and light

The room that was selected may

  Have just one power source

But with one plug there is no way

  The lab can be on course


A plug all hardware pieces need

  Scanners and C P Us

To servers one must current feed

  And printers – power use


How many plugs one should install

  You never may ignore

This number must not be too small

  It rather could be more


These extra points could well require

  Upgrades electrical

Or that one must the school rewire

  In cases radical


Call in the experts to perform

  This highly complex task

The project plan must then inform

  The likely price they’ll ask


Next to electric cables must

  Be network wires too

This network will help you – do trust –

  The data to pass through


A recent methodology

  It is called wireless

Dictates a new topology

  Which makes the old useless


Proponents wax quite lyrical

  About this modern trend

With fervour that’s hysterical

  Their vision they defend


To future promises don’t cling

  And do not jump the gun

These cables to the room must bring

  Until their use is done


A layout diagram does show

  Where every point should sit

Preventing running to and fro

  To find a perfect fit


Cost can be saved – it’s possible –

  Put power cords away

In the same duct – it’s feasible –

  Where network cables lay


Where you these wires choose to lay

  Must be determined by

The room shape and of course the way

  The seating plan you try


Straight classroom rows may not be best

  Do try to innovate

Perhaps you can the U-shape test

  Or other forms create


The distance that’s between the screens

  – Take this as a good guide –

Enough space for the in betweens

  At least one meter wide


If kids computers have to share

  More space must be allowed

This is a luxury quite rare

  Few schools are space endowed


Weigh all these aspects carefully

  Space in each corner pinch

Design the layout skillfully

  Use each and ev’ry inch


All this must go into the plan

  Fine details it must state

It covers the entire span

  This document gains weight


Important too is light – to see –

  But this one must diffuse

A strong bright glare on screens may be

  Why some its use refuse


The outside light must be controlled

  Through windows it does come

But there is not a single mould

  So do consider some


A coat of white enamel paint

  Applied to window panes

Reduces light to rays quite faint

  No hint of glare remains


The daintiest it may not be

  But poor schools go for this

At least it’s very close to free

  A chance too good to miss


Attractive curtains schools may use

  They’re with no sweat designed

Let light enter in softer hues

  And keep the harsh glare kind


While curtains are affordable

  They gather lots of dust

To make their use sustainable

  Wash frequently you must


The smartest option is a blind

  With cords and with a string

In many labs you this will find

  Where it’s the favoured thing


This is the most expensive choice

  And needs an expert hand

But listen to the budget’s voice

  Lest you in debt may land


The option that the school may choose

   Put in the document

The details – so that one won’t lose –

  The way to implement

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