XI Security

The issue you must now address –

  How can the school ensure

That all has been done to assess

  Is this room quite secure


Crime factors – rife in Western Cape

  These do raise great concerns

Fierce gangs and hijackings and rape

  This from the news one learns


With unemployment figures high

  It comes as no surprise

Thief gangs steal all that they can spy

  Crime rates are on the rise


Soft targets most thieves do prefer

  Like a computer lab

If there’s no measure to deter

  They come in swift and grab


One therefore must do all one can

  To keep the thieves away

For strict security must plan

  Due diligence display


The fav’rite place from where they steal

  Is through the roof – up top –

Through ceilings boldly their way feel

  Leave with a hardware crop


The way to stop them – one must choose

  A room with roof concrete

Through this route P Cs you won’t lose

  Seal up the thief’s retreat


If such a room can not be found

  Barbed wire one can use

Uncoiled above and tightly bound

  To halt a thief’s abuse


Steel mesh above the ceiling may

  A thief’s efforts deflect

In this sure way keep them at bay

  The school’s assets protect


Do not neglect the doors to lock

  To keep delinquents out

When thieves steal all the precious stock

  Poor schools must do without


Essential is a safety gate

  To give security

And when there is a steel mesh grate

  There’s extra certainty


Strong cages that are made of steel

  – With this experts concur –

While these add to a safety feel

  Quick exits they deter


The door must be protected well

  The culprits one must block

A safe’s door will their efforts quell

  As would a strong padlock


Through windows thieves can also move

  To take their loot away

Here one must also clearly prove

  That they can’t have their way


Strong burglar bars keep thieves outside

  The lab they must not wreck

Install them on the room’s inside

  For this draw up a spec


Firm stone guards that will shield from bricks

  The windows fortify

Protect against stone throwers tricks

  These missiles they defy


At times it is expedient

  To brick the windows closed

One can not be too lenient

  Nor should one be exposed


The windows ceiling and the door

  On these schools must reflect

And in the project plan explore

  How one them would protect


To add extra security

  ‘gainst crime one must revolt

Use locks for robust surety

  And use a sturdy bolt


Surveillance – this must be in place –

  In regions of high crime

Thieves will think twice to show a face

  Won’t through the windows climb


To lose P Cs – a prospect grim –

  Leaves one in great despair

Invest in an alarm system

  This gives the thieves a scare 


And so all safety features are

  Planned to the nth degree

The burglars may not leave a scar

  When on a stealing spree


These steps thieves merely will deter

  It won’t keep out the pros

Insurance will some costs incur

  But will prevent great woes


At this stage do alert the school

  Insurance they must buy

They must keep money in the pool

  The fees – per month – are high


The project plan – it must reflect –

  Each high secure aspect

Describes the best way to protect

  And thieves’ efforts deflect

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