X Room structure

To start – the floor must be surveyed –

  See if it’s suitable

It will withstand the kids’ parade

  If it is durable


Floors must be perfect and be firm

  And no holes should one see

Enduring feet term after term

  They should be defect free


They must be strong and must be straight

  Machines are kept secure

A wobbly floor is just not great

  Must find a lev’ling cure


Each school must next decide with what

  To cover the room’s floor

This detail matters quite a lot

  All options do explore


The room should be at all times free

  Of dust and dirt and slime

A cover for the floor’s the key

  To keep out all the grime


If carpets with soft pile you use

  Note carefully the brand

The anti static ones must choose

  Expect a price tag grand


It is not hard to understand

  Most carpets gather dust

It settles underneath each strand

  May even form a crust


When schools on carpets do insist

  – Some like to have their way –

Make sure that they do get the gist

  It must be cleaned each day


For carpets do not use a broom

  Into them dust will seep

Each day perform a good vacuum

  Remove specks that lie deep


A vacuum cleaner one must add

  If rooms dust free must stay

When floors with carpets smart are clad

   This is the price you pay


Another option for the floor

  Sheet vinyl may be used

It does not cost a penny more

  Could hardly be refused


It is much easier to clean

  Than carpets with a pile

No dust will settle in between

  One cleans it with a smile


A floor with tiles – it is quite cheap –

  With this one can’t go wrong

A mop is all one needs to keep

  To clean does not take long


Don’t think that you can sweep the room

  – To do this do not dare –

The net effect – using a broom –

  The dust goes in the air


Dust specks suspended in the air

  Will settle in due course

They hasten P Cs’ wear and tear

  Snuff out their vital force


Into the plan details must go

  Define the type of floor

The measurements be sure to show

  The cost do not ignore


Next you must look above your head

  The ceiling may not sag

For this do have a healthy dread

  Be quick to fix this snag


Assess what fixing must be done

  Or what must be replaced

A ceiling that falls down on one

  By this will be disgraced


A broken ceiling lets in dust

  The P C’s enemy

To fix it is an abs’lute must

  Saves cleaning energy


Get building experts’ sound advice

  To learn what this entails

A fix can fetch a hefty price

  Plan all the small details


The walls likewise must be quite strong

  They may not lean at all

A wall that is not strong is wrong

  For it can eas’ly fall


A wall should not give off a flake

  Distributing its dirt

A sign this be that it may break

  Could even cause one hurt


The room may not have ample space

  For a computer suite

Presenting a perplexing case

  To fix – a major feat


Two rooms perhaps must merge in one

  The needed space to give

Space shortage is thereby undone

  For I T – a reprieve


A wall may have to come right down

  Be careful of the roof

On experts’ good advice don’t frown

  For safety get some proof


For ease of use and admin sake

  – To gain the best effect –

Provision for a server make

  Best spot for it select


For this you may a wall erect

  To build a cubicle

Place for technicians to reflect

  Perform their miracle


There may be an alcove next door

  Demolish first a wall

In here one could a server store

  A perfect private stall


It sometimes is quite possible

  That buildings are pre fab

This simply is not suitable

  Not fitting for a lab


The thieves can easily break in

  Through tender pre fab walls

These must be strengthened from within

  – Or outside – lest one falls


This can be done by using bricks

  Build from the floor to roof

But there are also other tricks

  To make the walls thief proof


The walls one can with steel plates line

  Through which no thief can drill

This leaves a room that’s safe and fine

  But also a huge bill


Some of the schools are very full

  They simply overflow

What does one do in such a school

  Where learner numbers grow


There is an influx from the farms

  And other rural zones

The rising numbers raise alarms

  One hears the crowded groans


A room can’t be identified

  For a computer place

A venue just can’t be supplied

  There simply is no space


Of course a lab should never steal

  A school of teaching space

When teachers use it just to deal

  With I T in each case


A lab should not be viewed as just

  A novelty or whim

But as a place where children must

  Learn the curriculum


When teachers’ mindset thus you groom

  Each one becomes a pro

Rotating learners through the room

 Maintains the status quo


The claims that sorely needed space

  Is gobbled by I T

Are thus untrue and a disgrace

  With this – do not agree


The other option that there is –

  Create a new venue

But this demands some expertise

  And ample revenue


Some think that old containers could

   Be used to create space

In most cases this option would

  Cast problems in your face


Its transport is a major schlep

  Foundations one must dig

The cost is high for one to prep

  The effort very big


Their shape is less than what one needs

  One unit is too cramped

One could weld them – a string of beads –

  At great cost be revamped


Attractive as it may appear

  Pause first and calculate

All implications must be clear

  The cost may be too great


Some would prefer to build from scratch

  A room with brick and clay

Of course to this one must attach

  The bills one needs to pay


So whether you just remodel

  Or build a brand new place

The project plan you now must fill

  With details of this space


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