VIII One size does not fit all

Once the selection has been made

  Based on pure common sense

A sound foundation must be laid

  Then real work does commence


A visit to the school is paid

  To get in project mode

And after introductions made

  The show is on the road


Stakeholder roles are first explained

  It is made very clear

Control is by the schools retained

  But Khanya is the steer


Do not attempt to patronize

  This has a bad effect

Schools’ input always recognize

  Treat them with great respect


The point on which one first consults

  And all must then agree

What are the aimed for end results

  What will the outcomes be


Though I T in a school will please

  It’s no frivolity

In schools all learning must increase

  With new technology


The final product must provide

  An education tool

All other issues override

  Obey this golden rule


The jam that Grandma used to make

  Much better does it taste

Than what you from a bought tin take

  That often goes to waste


Her secret lies in the plain fact

  That higher quality

Could be produced when you react

  To smaller quantity


The lesson that is thus inferred

  Steer clear – don’t mass produce –

At all costs one must be deterred

  Don’t practise this abuse


With care consider every school

  The big as well as small

Don’t view them just as one huge pool

  One size just won’t fit all


This truth Khanya the hard way learned

  Obsessed with equity

In many cases fingers burned

  Through this absurdity


The goal of secondary schools

  And primary schools’ aim

Both led by diff’rent sets of rules

  They’re simply not the same


A school within a metropole

  Has challenges unique

And has a vastly diff’rent goal

  To what the rurals seek


Consider culture difference

  Which each one must respect

With this deal with great deference

  In each minute aspect


The schools with classes multi-grade

  Have needs that are diverse

There simply can not be one scale

  One must be mould averse


There are so many things that make

  Each school a diff’rent place

That it would be unwise to take

  All as a sim’lar space


On schools do simply not impose

  That which for one seems best

A good solution – don’t suppose –

  Will always suit the rest


This principle firmly embrace

  – There is a difference –

The plans adapt then in each case

  To suit each preference


When all agree then try to find

  A room that’s suitable

Collectively apply the mind

  To what’s available


Just pause a moment and assume

  That it will be required

For one to use a single room

  To house the lab desired


What should be noted is the fact

  – For true learner rehab –

That P Cs in classrooms impact

  Much more than in a lab


A claim is made that overseas

  From labs they move away

But bear in mind that their increase

  Took place not in a day


Computing that’s ubiquitous

  By some hotly pursued

In Africa – ridiculous –

  If not with thought construed


A smart leap frog – do some suggest –

  Over a lab must jump

In classrooms rather do invest

  The lab concept just dump


A wise man caution gives – take care –

  When leap frogging you are

The horns of unicorns – beware –

  This jump won’t get you far


By no means take a jump that might

  Be difficult to gauge

On outcomes clearly set your sight

  Don’t skip a vital stage


The I T goal for schools must be

  A P C in each place

But where to start is hard to see

  As well as the right pace


Experience to date does show

  The place where one must start

A lab is best and then must grow

  The horse before the cart


It gives all in the school a chance

  Progressively to learn

With time their P C skills enhance

  Their I T colours earn


With an increase in confidence

  Their talents will expand

Use I T tools with diligence

  Each one that is at hand


The end result – a distant aim –

  Computers in each class

In time will justify the claim

  That they a lab surpass


What follows is thus based upon

  A supposition plain

A single lab concept is on

  For the initial gain


Take note that schools were never built

  To have computer labs

Plans thus may often have to tilt

  Towards what’s up for grabs


Remodel an existing room

  With class facilities

But note that it one has to groom

  For lab abilities


To choose a room is quite a bind

  It takes a skilled expert

It could become a massive grind

  The purse it too will hurt


At times one has to build a place

  When classrooms are too few

A crowded school is a disgrace

  This needs a good review


How could one possibly complete

  A task as huge as this

Do not be tempted to retreat

  The goal one must not miss


There is no longer time to waste

  The project you must plan

So to the rescue Khanya’ll haste

  The spirit is you can


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