VII Distribution of light

A crucial point – a great concern –

  Where does one find the cash

This issue – faced at ev’ry turn –

  Most schools don’t have a stash


The budget is quite limited

  A cake – so very small –

Not much to be distributed

  The order very tall


Which school will be the first to get

  And which one will be last

One views the get word with regret

  Don’t use it quite so fast


Likewise is give an ugly word

  That one is loath to use

Both give and get one finds absurd

  To use them do refuse


Rich schools object – they do complain –

  They do not get their share

They moan that they can never gain

  That Khanya is not fair


They think that Khanya must just give

  And all the schools must get

Believing their due’s to receive

  One fat fact they forget


The purpose is to equalize

  The same all can’t expect

One therefore must prioritize

  The poor do not neglect


The poorest of the poor come first

  In one’s provisioning

Attention given to their thirst

  In fair apportioning


A magic formula you don’t

  Apply to every school

A standard issue you just won’t

  Use as a sharing tool


Too great is the disparity

  Between the haves and nots

While all strive for prosperity

  There are no equal lots


If all the schools the same receive

  Then what will be the aim

Non equity one won’t relieve

  The gap will stay the same


The rule is therefore very clear

  The poor must first be served

The greatest portion – have no fear –

  For these schools is reserved


The rich must share with those without

  Use thinking that is sound

Then learners stand without a doubt

  On level playing ground


But there’s another point to note

  When one selects a school

The head must first of all promote

  I T as being cool


A leader she must also be

  One skilled in management

Respected by each employee

  For her calm temperament


Computers never can resolve

  A problem business case

One must the managers involve

  To lay a solid base


A principal must therefore see

  That learners are in class

And loyal teachers there must be

  Their job – to help them pass


Good governance and poverty

  In some schools both are found

Strong management ability

  With judgment that is sound


The combination you require

  Of this be adamant

A school that’s poor yet does inspire

  Strong trust in management


Schools need these two criteria

  For them to justify

That they are not inferior

  And they too qualify


But Khanya does not take the lead

  To make the final choice

There clearly does exist a need

  To hear the expert’s voice


The good officials on the floor

  Know all the ins and outs

Of every school – and what is more –

  Will serve as Khanya’s scouts


Do not neglect to form a link

  With the officialdom

To go a diff’rent route – don’t think –

  Can’t build your own kingdom


Upon their judgment do rely

  All their advice must use

And Khanya does not even try

  These pointers to refuse


Over the years Khanya has proved

  Its value to the schools

While budgets greatly have improved

  It still retains the rules


In spite of funds available

  Selection is still strict

The choices – justifiable –

  Deserving ones are picked


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