VI The light bearers

The next part of this story tells

  – It does so in detail –

The way Khanya the dark expels

  And lifts the knowledge veil


This project’s not a simple one

  By no means be deceived

None of its functions one may shun

  They are all interweaved


It is important to explain

  That this is no quick fix

Don’t view its structure with disdain

  The Khanya project mix


Read every part and contemplate

  The virtues of the case

Do pause – at times – and celebrate

  The Khanya aims embrace


First note some basic principles

  Of practice that are best

These are explained – in multiples –

  Made easy to digest


How does one eat an elephant

  One eats it bite by bite

While this may not be elegant

  Eat on and win the fight


This means take one step at a time

  With each task well defined

Small steps help one this mountain climb

  Work with a plan in mind


Invite keen partners to the feast

  They lighten this huge load

Help to demolish the great beast

  Complete each project node


It is a Herculean task

  One needs all hands on deck

Must wisdom from the experts ask

  To keep all things in check


A basic rule that is applied

  This from the very start

Each new concept must first be tried

  Ere it’s put on the chart


Before embarking on a trail

  First do a pilot test

Make all mistakes on a small scale

  Discover what is best


If things go wrong on such a trial

  The losses are not great

It pays to wait a little while

  Success to validate


Do not jump in and purchase large

  But get results first hand

Into great ventures do not barge

  Use wisely every Rand


This project needs a steady crew

  Do this not underrate

In labour it’s intensive too

  One must get this point straight


Skilled people – ones who are adept –

  That’s the most crucial need

But bureaucrats – hard to accept –

  To this may not give heed


Don’t think that one – elsewhere assigned

  Can get this project done

If with other jobs intertwined

  For this task – not the one


When Khanya started way back then

  This problem was surmised

To serve it for a year or ten

  A structure was devised


The different roles are well designed

  With skill sets that do match

To these roles staff are then assigned

  Each one a perfect catch


The staff of Khanya – on contract –

  Each one of the whole batch

Their skills meet project needs – exact –

  This is a dovetail match


When later main tasks are described

  It will be clear to all

Why such importance is ascribed

  To staff who’re on the ball


You need staff who are passionate

  And not scared of hard work

If they’re computer literate

  It is an extra perk


The project managers do lead

  Constructions they produce

Their organizing skills you need

  High costs they do reduce


While in some schools the skills are found

  For such an enterprise

In most schools they do not abound

  Can’t manage tasks of size


Those managers who’re versatile

  On them schools can depend

Prepared to walk the extra mile

  Become the school’s best friend


One project manager can do

  Some multi tasking work

A plan for every school construe

  To cater for each quirk


Each school is treated on its own

  Needs individual care

A plan from others should not clone

  Each one a solitaire


When special projects come around

  – A pilot or new trend –

It’s needed to break virgin ground

  On P Ms then depend


When installations must be done

  – I T is specialized –

The experts in this field don’t shun

  Their skills are highly prized


Such boffins play a vital role

  They’ll I T problems solve

It’s at the core of Khanya’s soul

  These experts – must involve


There also is a need for those

  Links vital in the chain

Their task – the I T gap to close –

  The teachers they must train


In schools they will facilitate

  Train teachers face to face 

To them open the I T gate

  And build a solid base 


A techie – not too hard to find –

  Nor is a good P M

But the facilitator kind

  A precious and rare gem


Their skills – a blend that’s seldom found –

  Must in I T excel

In teaching have a strong background

  Their passion – it must tell


For Khanya to do all these tricks

  Its structure must be right

One that works just like a matrix

  Keeps all processes tight


Coordination is the key

  If one the mark won’t miss

To a professional degree

  Precision of the Swiss


Staff are assigned to organize

  They must coordinate

Their main task is to supervise

  The project they keep straight


Some admin staff are needed too

  For tasks that are mundane

Each day they’ll patiently sift through

  Much work that is arcane


Within a project of this scope

  One needs project support

An office that gives help and hope

  A strong and stable fort


The Office that gives firm Support

  To all Project affairs

It’s called the P S O for short

  Removes all anxious cares


Once Khanya started to take shape

  Right from the first word go

It just ignored all the red tape

  Set up a P S O


Support it gives to personnel

  Their cause it always pleads 

Protects employment rights as well

  Cares for each of their needs


The P S O serves as a source

  Of facts of relevance

It gathers through the project’s course

  All its intelligence


A database – important facts –

  Kept neatly in e-files

This office to paper reacts

  By filing it in piles


The project managers receive

  Support when they’re in need

The P S O does them relieve

  With no pain they proceed


This office many quotes obtains

  For work that must take place

This surely will relieve some strains

  Increase the P M’s pace


Coordinators get from here

  The data that they need

Supporting the whole project sphere

  Helps them to move with speed


To store much documented stuff

  Can sometimes be a pain

The finance rules are rather tough

  States what one must retain


The auditors designed strict laws

  To counteract deceit

The P S O allows no flaws

  Files each project receipt


Assurers of high quality

  Fighting against the blues

Methods of best utility

  The P S O pursues


At all times be professional

  Insists the P S O

And Q A’s not additional

  It’s part of the whole flow


The office plays a crucial role

  This all must recognize

It does support the project’s goal

  Which one can’t minimize


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