I Why the rooster crows

A rooster crows at break of dawn

  He’s quiet in the night

The world observes – a marvel born –

  It crows – it sees the light


There’s little good news in the world

  If only there were more

When good things sometimes are unfurled

  Its source one must explore


From rooftops shout – loudly proclaim –

  Worldwide let it resound

Share it with all – ignite the flame –

  When such good news is found


A tale that simply must be told

  About the Khanya light

In Africa it does unfold

  Illuminating bright


While many in the darkness grope

  Appears this brilliant sun

It radiates much needed hope

  And shows what can be done


From small beginnings – taken shape –

  It’s no mere replica

Conceived and born in Western Cape

  Down South in Africa


It is unique in every way

  With quite specific aims

And time has proved that it will stay

  To live up to its claims


The name – Khanya – a Xhosa word

  Is given by design

With pride it is being conferred

  It means the light does shine


Not likely is it that you’ll find

  A poem as long as this

Though its great length may blow your mind

  Its content – don’t dismiss


It may appear at one’s first glance

  This is mere doggerel

But don’t take a dogmatic stance

  Judged by its apparel


The simple rhyme may seem unsound

  Lines could be somewhat terse

In spite of the odd cliché found

  A lesson in each verse


Do read it with an open mind

  Absorb its full impact

Then try to see what lies behind

  Each edifying fact


In sections this great tale is told

  Like layers one can peel

To make sense of the complex whole

  Its elements reveal


The first few parts state reasons why

  This project came to be

They give the background – they do try –

  Of Khanya’s grand decree


With patience try to understand

  The education plight

The problems faced throughout the land

  Those call for fight or flight


In further sections then appears

  A glimpse of Khanya’s road

Relate how from humble frontiers

  Its magic does explode


Its blunders – of a costly kind –

  Are not at all concealed

And wrong routes taken – alleys blind –

  The potholes all revealed


This reading – take it in your stride –

  Dwell with it for a while

Sit back – relax – enjoy the ride

  Absorb it with a smile



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